just danceeee

since it is friday and we all just want to party and dance, i figured this DANCE post would be ideal.  
taylor, julie, jessie.
i love this picture of lauren and jeff. throwin up the deuces and dancing with a drink in hand. priorities, my friends.
my cousin, riley, and my grandmother. sweet.
love love all these peeps! :)
have you ever seen such moves?
gettin it!
and my favorite part of the evening...
JOHN ON THE COWBELL.  absolutely HILARIOUS and so awesome. 
of course there's a virtual jumprope. duh.

from the outside lookin in.
girls girls girls!
professional singers, clearly.
i get my dance moves (and my dance face) from my dad.
the newlyweds. pure class.
we're so good.

:)  i hope you spend your weekend dancing as much as we did! 



Julie said...

i love when I'm in the blog and i need a copy of the pic of us dancing. Love it!!!

Sophie said...

this is AMAZING!!! i was smiling the whole way through the post. looks like so much fun x

Laura Darling said...

This looks like so much fun - weddings are the best!

LB said...

Looks like such a fun wedding! Those are the best kind!

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