no words.

there are no words. there are no explanations and no way to make sense of the tragedy. 

today is the first day of funerals in newtown, connecticut. my heart is falling apart for the two 6 year olds that are being buried today. one boy, jack pinto, who will be buried in wide receiver victor cruz's jersey and noah pozner, who was said to have been a smart, lively kid.

there are a million questions to ask and a billion issues to begin discussing. topics such as why does this adam guy get any type of recognition? gun control? political decisions? what if? an elementary school, how could he?

no one can begin to comprehend the pain and angst of the people that are experiencing this first hand. but i do know, this nation is incredible. we stand as one. 

as for now, i will be spending my time praying for these families. praying for the children that must continue to grieve and go through seeing their classmates die because of a terrible, scary beast. i pray for the precious children and courageous adults that will be buried as heros today and the next upcoming weeks.  

i pray for God to show us His plan. He always has one. i pray for you and that you decide to life newtown up in prayers also. 

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Kim said...

I wrote a post titled "There are no words" today and it read about the same. I noticed on a friend's blog roll that there were about 4 other posts titled "no words." I think we're all in shock. I am thankful there are many people praying and putting their faith in God during this time. Thanks for being one more to share His name and goodness.

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