REAL. LIFE. (kinda)

what's that? you need a break from the wedding?  I DO TOO!!
so today we are discussing a whole mess of amazingness!

when my nephew, colton, walks, he is led by his belly.  it's so large and incredibly adorable but we've always been a little mystified as to where to received this big ol' belly. until... my mother found this picture of me when i was his same age he is now.  LOOK AT THAT BELLY!  
in my opinion, it's purely fantastic.  it really is crazy though, how much alike colton and i are and how our personalities are identical, just like our bellies.  now we have a joke that if colton wants to know what he will look like in 25 years, just look at me.  hehe, i kid. i kid. 

on another note...
do you all watch catfish on mtv?
john and i recently began watching it and i love it. the main dude, nev, fell in love with a woman over the internet only to find out she was a different person just using the profile picture of someone else.  this show documents similar stories and it's pretty crazy. 

it got me thinking .... in this blog world, i'm honest and quite frankly, naive. if you blog about your perfect little life, i don't assume you "accidentally" leave out the sad, boring, terrible parts because that's not what we ideally want to focus on. but i definitely don't assume a blogger is telling the story of a total lie. maybe it's just me, because i would never have the time to live two lives, but it's just crazy to me that people can be okay with pretending to be someone else and take advantage of someone's feelings, and usually on this show, take advantage of someone's heart. 

all in all, i really do appreciate this show and i think it is informative, entertaining, and eye opening.  

however... do you watch doomsday preppers?  OH. MY. WORD. this show is ridiculous!  and by ridiculous, i clearly mean worth every second of watching!
these people go WAY above and beyond to protect themselves and their families in the case of a series of tornadoes, or terrorist attacks, or earthquakes, and so on.  

it's so much more than keeping some cans of beans in your basement, people. 
entertainment at it's finest. but i do recommend you watch the PEREZ family episode because these people are SERIOUS!!!!  john and i were watching this episode with our mouths to the floor and trying to add up all the gazillions of dollars this man has spent to be a doomsday preppers. 

so! do you watch either of these shows??  and have you ever seen a belly like that??


Kendahl Lanai said...

I watch the show Catfish and it is crazy to me! Some people make these fake profiles for revenge and some people because they're lonely. Either way, it's so sad! I feel like its way to common these days too.


Courtney @ line up and wait said...

I just started getting into Catfish and now I want to see the movie with Dev that the show is based on. Add it to the Netfliz queue!

Ashley said...

i would never lie on my blog. i mean, i know people get jealous....the fact that girl meets world is the highlight of my new year. the insane barking dog that lives below me and never sleeps. my 12 hour work days....but, i strive to keep it real

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