reception details

i hope you had a wonderful weekend and 
this monday morning is treating you well.

i used the same pearl bouquet holder as my sister.

yup, i was the crazy bridezilla that crafted her heart out on the details that i adored. and this post is full of details, and some of my favorite pictures in the world.

i knew i needed some amazing lighting to make my heart flutter at the reception. 
our reception was at harmony landing country club.
market lights were just what the doctor ordered and i love the way it shines and makes the tree look beautiful, full of fall, and it makes the clubhouse look like it is the only place in the world. 
i worked with the florist to create four different center pieces for the 32 tables.  

other mandatory requests:
white and red bottles of wine on each table.
tubs of beer all throughout the reception.
4 open bars. open all night.

i worked for what seemed centuries to create these sparklers. but in the end, i loved them. i spray painted the bucket green, added sand, and put in over 400 sparklers. 
i used texture scissors to cut out all the paper, hot glued the square portion onto the rectangular piece, and then used 3 different stamps to personalize each sparkler pack. 
the stamps were "W" "J" and a "heart" which i loved. 

and i knew i NEEDED these.  these are matchbooks with 
the perfect match
jayme & john
october 20, 2012
on each one. i LOVED them. :)
i bought the guestbook from the same place as colton's truck, so it was navy blue painted distressed wood with a heart that said J + J and 10.20.12 on the cover.  

for the rehearsal dinner, we also had this guest book with our picture in the middle. i love having both guest books with different messages, to remember both nights of celebration. 

some more centerpieces.
i (with the incredible help of my bridesmaid alex) also made the table numbers, that i ended up absolutely adoring. we book itty bitty easels and painted them navy blue. then we took about 8 different size pieces of wood, painted the middle with chalkboard paint, and the edges either green or gold (to add some variety) and then set each table number on the easel. it was quite easy, it took about one afternoon, including the brainstorming process, and i loved them more than the tall, ordinary table numbers. 

i wish there was a better picture of the table assignments but you can kind of see them.  sam and i spent one evening sanding down 360 wine corks and cutting a slice in them to put each table assignment in the corks. they looked great, were a ton of work, but added a special touch that i loved. 
i also used the save the date banner on that table to include our wedding date.

note to brides*  you should totally pick a signature drink! it's a huge hit!
we worked with kenny, the bartender, to create a pumpkintini and i'm SO glad we did this!  it was absolutely delicious and it had a graham cracker crust that was to die for.  
i also made these little chalkboards. i bought 6 picture frames for $1 from a yard sale, painted the outside frame gold, painted a few coats of chalkboard paint to the glass frame portion, and then used them throughout the reception to indicate certain stations, if you will. pumpkintini, cake, bar, you get the drift. 

for the gifts table, i created this "thank you" banner. i had originally had the idea to hold the thank you banner for a photo and send them for our thank you cards but then i remembered i had already ordered other stationary for that. so i used it for the gifts table. 

i loved. loved. loved. the lighting. it set a romantic mood, and the candles were so perfect.

here's a better picture of the sparklers. :)

so what do you think of the details??  feeeedback!

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Hannah said...

Just GORGEOUS!!! I am loving all these wedding posts. Have to say, the post of you and John meeting without seeing before the reception actually made me shed tears! The photos were just so darn cute and I could sense your excitement in them. And I don't even know you but wishing you guys well in your married life all the way from New Zealand :)

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