reception dinner is served

we are almost to the end of the wedding photos!  which tomorrow will be the final edition, and a definite favorite of mine :)
pat and kaitlin ... we had the same band at our weddings and we both love them!  
{this that and the other}
kellen and cassie. they're gettin hitched next year!
i added some extra pictures for the venue's sake.
because it's a normal dance move... right?
those two are the real deal's.  wink wink.
someone's gettin luuuucky! 
kelly, on the right, got married on september 22 but unfortunately her new husband couldn't make it to our wedding because he was in another wedding. and kelly was in our wedding!  i guess those are the troubles ya have them you're just too popular.
the soon to be mr. and mrs. fox!
we definitely made time for ourselves throughout the reception, which is something i was told a million times to make sure we do. and woof! i am SO glad we did that. those special moments are some of my favorites throughout the night. 
these two made some time for a special moment also. haha!

i love the candid photos, and our photographer, todd, is amazing!  

up next: the send off!!!  woot woot!

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