the bride & maids

drum roll pleeeeease!  this post marks the beginning of the J&J wedding series!!
of course i had to have "the hanger" with my new last night to hold The Dress.  and yes, that really is my new last name. scary, eh? it's so long and it will take some getting used to  ;)

my shoes. i went back and forth FOREVER and could NOT decide to spend a small fortune on a pair of louboutin's or something as amazeballs but in the end, i went with a pair of beauties from e! live from the red carpet because i imagined guiliana wearing these puppies and i was sold. in the end, i'm happy with my decision.

getting ready with my ladies.

we had my hair stylist and make up artist come to my mom's house and we all got ready there and then the limo picked us up.  our incredible photographer, todd, came to my mom's to get the ever-so-necessary wedding dress shots, and i am SO glad i splurged on a few extra hours with him. 

the paparazzi was everywhere.

i'd be lying if we didn't have to refer to the phone notes to remember how to put this dress together.

my dress miracle, aka alterations lady, was heaven sent and incredible. yes, pricey, but it's one of the necessities that shouldn't cut corners. 

mi madre, moi, mi hermana. 

in my mama's bathroom. getting ready to add the veil. 

the perfect fall.

the reason i had a fall wedding. navy blue. green. leaves. makes my heart smile.

look at those chicks!  :)

my matron and maid of honor. jessie, my matron of honor, broke her toe about 3 weeks before the wedding and opted for some flats. i insisted she not hurt herself any more but the crazy lady insisted on wearing heels for the ceremony. 

what? i thought every bride has a photo with a fur?


toooooshie squeeze!!

i love these.

as bridesmaids gifts, i got each girl a green pashmina with their initials and i got myself a white pashmina with my new initials. i love the added color to the pictures, the extra warmth since the weather in october is questionable, and the extra thoughtfulness of a personalized gift. i also got them their earrings that they each wore that day. 

the earrings were made by catherine nicole, a good friend of the family. she also made my earrings. which i had the top taken off to make them slip on to my diamond studs. 

sisterly love. 


jenny. have i mentioned jenny is getting married in september in CABO?!  yes!!!

cat. this little mama is due in april!


the best bridesmaids in the world. :)

next up, the boys!  do you like the colors i chose??



Aleshea said...

I love the colors your bridesmades wore. Can't wait to see the boys.

Rachel said...

Obsessed with navy and green! Those were our wedding colors too, only we had kelly green.
You look gorgeous!

Chelsea Coleen said...

you look SO beautiful and happy!!! I LOVE the pictures of you girls outside in the fall prettiness. JW + JW = love. (uh please tell me you both have the same middle initial too) that would just be WAY too perfect hehe

Lindsay said...

You made the most beautiful bride. GORGEOUS pics ;)

Summer Athena said...

congrats, love. absolutely beautiful.

Ashley said...

you get to speak a different language, wear fur and giuliana shoes AND grab booty on your wedding day?

where do i sign up for one of these weddings?!

but seriously....all hopes of you ever being in my wedding are dashed....you are too pretty. i'm more of the mindset of hiring ugly people so i look prettier. haha totally kidding. i crack myself up.

Carpe Diem said...

So beautiful! Love the Fall wedding and color ideas! Love, Love, Love!

Lori Beth said...

Love the colors!!! Very beautiful!

Natasha said...

every single detail of your wedding was gorgeous my friend...it just shows how much love you put into planning this incredible day and you look stunning!

Cassandra Orton said...

Beautiful wedding, love your colors! Do you know what shade of green the shawls are/where you got them?

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