the ceremony & church

the stressful journey we had to reserving this church was certainly worth the wait and tears because from the beginning, i knew this is the place we were supposed to begin our married life together and where god wanted us to say our vows.
i adored the moss J letters to welcome the guests, which i had special requested and thanks to korfhage, who did our flowers, our dream became a reality. :)  
broadway baptist church. isn't she beautiful?

wedding advice:
i went to the place where i got my invitations for them to create the programs and when they told me the price would be approximately 700 bucks, i quickly began googling the heck outta diy programs. 
i ended up loving our programs, which i created myself, and had kinko's print them out for a whopping 98 bones!  then i punched two holes in each program and tied some bows on the sides. i spray painted that basked green, added a programs sign, and i was happy as can be.  
it's important to save money where you can. 
or at least it was for this bride on a budget. ;)
all the gals lined up!
check out that little guys big boy step!
i adore this photo of john and his brother giving each other last minute glances.  
"should we make a run for it??" haha
my daddy and i walking down the aisle.
giving me away :)
our first kiss!

so happy.
checkin out my hottie hubby!
i love this picture. john is so wonderful and sensitive and his caring heart shines in this embrace with my sister.   (whoa, that was a really cheesy sentence, wasn't it? snap out of it, jayme)
checkin out our bling.
and look at my husband's ring! :)

i'm not kidding when i say i was absolutely terrified that i would mess up the wording of the vows in front of all those people, and i stressed so much about it. but in the end, all i saw was john's face and i knew it was just us that mattered at that moment.  i may have said the vows quietly, but if i could do it again, i'd shout them from the rooftop. 

our ceremony was only about 18 minutes, which i loved. 

for those of you looking for program details, 
this is the outline of the wedding ceremony:

(we had an organist that played songs like ave maria, 
and other while guests were being seated by the usher)
seating of the grandparents & parents
jesu, joy of man's desiring - j.s. bach
procession of the bridesmaids
canon in d - johann pachelbel
procession of the bride
bridal chorus - r wagner
1 corinthians 13: 4-13
the art of marriage
1 john 4: 16-19
the exchange of vows
the declaration of marriage
the benediction
the presentation of the bride and groom
the recessional
wedding march - f. mendelssohn 

i hope that helps someone :)  


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Lindsay said...

We read The Art of Marriage at our wedding too! I actually found a shortened version of the words painted on a canvas and now it hangs in our house.

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