the good & the bad

while i feel a bit selfish complaining of personal issues during such a trivial time for our nation, i can't help but to share some of my personal information with you guys.
last week, i had excruciating pain in the side of back and while i've been down the ol' uti road before, i felt this was different.  i went to the hospital on friday afternoon.
5 hours later, i was discharged and diagnosed with 
multiple kidney stones in both kidneys.
they are not obstructing anything so that's why they didn't admit me to the hospital for any procedures. 
it's my first experience with them and 6 days after my initial pains, i am still in severe pain and i would not wish it upon my worst enemy.  
wish me luck  ;)
so i basically relaxed all weekend (with reggie and a fire) and downed some water like there was no tomorrow. but i loved to walk into our living room and see john and his two brothers with our christmas tree and playing video games. aren't their little heads so cute? 

also, on sunday, we went to target and loaded up on donation gifts for a local non-profit called brooklawn where they serve children from infants to 22 years old.
four carts later and $1400 worth of goodies, the journey definitely put some christmas spirit in our step and a smile on our faces.  
we went with johns dad, johns brothers, and johns dads girlfriend and her four kiddos. it was a tradition that i certainly hope we continue and i'm very blessed to have become a part of such an incredible, giving, caring, and inspirational family. 

so that's my weekend, even though its very late in the week. 
i hope to feel better soon so i can enjoy our holiday festivities.  


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