10-day late resolution

it's true. one of my brainstorming items for my new years resolution was to not procrastinate.  10 days after the first of january, i am putting my resolutions in a post where i hit "publish" and then i am held accountable for said goals for the 2013 year. 

1. do not procrastinate. 

we'll try again. 

1. i have the mouth of a sailor, which completely offers the chance to put popeye the sailor man on my blog. i resolve to use words of encouragement, love, and sincerity, not ugly curse words. 

2. i resolve to begin a family with my husband. yup, i said it. nope, i haven't accomplished this yet, but i hope to make mr. kentucky blonde a father within the next 365 355 days. 

3. i would love to eat more fruits and veggies. even if they happen to be a grape in the bottom of my glass of wine, or a celery stick in my bloody mary. ...clearly, this is only before resolution #2 is in effect. ;)

4. i probably shouldn't make a 4th resolution, because i tend to get overwhelmed with such large tasks but hey! it's a new year and i can do what i want!

so for my number 4, my resolution is to continue drinking loads and loads of water a day.  with my recent kidney stone adventure, i was drinking so much water i thought i would drown. but i did love the way it made me feel - so much healthier with the lack of sugar and caffeine. 

oops! and number 5, make a trip to atlanta for some playtime with ash, dash, chels, and stone. :)

the bets are out - do you think i can accomplish all this in 12 months (minus 10 days?)



Kendahl Lanai said...

baby baby baby baby!! your wedding was so cute and if you get prego, i can't wait to see how your nursery looks!


LB said...

Love the resolutions... I wanted to try to shut up my sailor mouth, but I hate failure so I decided to put that one off for another year! hah! : ) Good luck with number 2!

Sarah Wyland said...

Love these resolutions - and Pop-Eye!

Flannery said...

Woo hoo! Love it when a planning-the-wedding blog becomes a pregnancy blog! Can't wait to follow along!

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