bump in the road

i debated writing this post because i never want my blog to be a place of sadness but then i realized my blog reflects my life. and if my life only consists of happy times and pure bliss, it wouldn't be real. 

plus, i have received the nicest, sweetest words of encouragement, thoughts, and prayers from this amazing blogworld and i am incredibly thankful.

tuesday, woodford was bad. 
wednesday, woodford was great. 
the doc said if everything continued this way, he could come home thursday. which is today.

woodford had a bad night though. he is back on fluids and will stay at the hospital for awhile longer. i am confident our little guy will pull through and will fight to come home and continue to live a long, wonderful life full of constant spoiling from his mama. in the words of my wonderful cousin riley, this is merely a bump in the road.  i can't wait to spoil the heck out of him when he does come home. and i told john he can even gnaw my entire hand off if he wants. 

so while this post isn't a sad one, it's not necessarily a happy one either. but with all your thoughts and prayers, i know i owe it to you to keep you updated. so please, continue thinking of our little guy and send your positive puppy vibes in his direction. 

He is in control and that brings more comfort to me than anything. 


According to Jax said...

Thinking of your little one!! xoxo!

Taylor said...

You shouldn't feel bad at all! I'll be praying for that little guy and hope that you'll keep us updated!

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Praying for all of you! I know it's next to impossible to get him off your mind during the day :(

Sara said...

Praying for y'all!

Christina Horan said...

Jayme - Sending positive thoughts from Chicago! I'm coming to Louisville this weekend and I won't accept anything except a happy and healthy pup!!

Lindsay said...

Praying for you my friend xo

Ashley said...

this post would make me sad EXCEPT that i saw that baby woodford is home with his parents!! whoooo whooo! woodford you are a lucky little muffin!!

Saeed Zia said...

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