must have: valentines edition

rain or shine, in love or not, with or without a valentine, in denial or impatient, the holiday is around the corner. as our first valentine's day approaches as husband and wife, i'm a heck of a lot less sappier than i was last year, but i'm still just as thankful. need some ideas? here ya go, my valentines. 
trout fish keychain - hand stamped copper key chain - mens valentines gift - best catch
john may not be a fisherman but he eats salmon when i cook it for dinner. that's close enough, right? find it here
Luxe Lips BACON Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm Mens Valentines Day  MANLY
if your valentine is a manly man, then he will definitely need this bacon lip balm. this man-lipstick is made with real bacon grease. i dare you to try to keep your lips off a man wearin' this magic! 
....for a mere $2.50, you can buy this here and all your worries will fade away about another lady huntin' your man.

READ DESCRIPTION valentines day beard hat bearded knit snowboard ski valentine gift for men him husband boyfriend motorcycle works outside
the only reason i would buy this for john is for the simple fact i'm not so sure i could pull it off myself. but i adore it and i'd probably attempt to sport it on a wintery dinner date. this is for the corporate worker man with a side of red neck  and lovin' facial hair.

Funny Men's Valentine's Day T-Shirts
not feelin all lovey dovey this valentines day? this shirt is for you. 

anti Valentine - funny Valentine - hate Valentine's Day - humorous - friend
sure, not everyone loves the holiday. but i do think this card is super adorbs. 

You're my Lobster Hand Lettered card
and my personal favorite. lobster

is your valentine a man? a woman? yourself? your best friend? your lobster? 



Morgan said...

Hey girl! Got your comment. :) Sweet of you to check in on me. All is well, just taking a blogging hiatus! Are you on Instagram? If so find me at MorganSc. I've been posting there lately.
Happy Thursday!

Jenny B said...

The "Beard Hat" is probably the best invention EVER....I would definitely wear that in Chicago. I'm torn between two Valentines for Ryan. One has a pizza on it and says "I love you to pizzas" (get it...pizzas=pieces...see what happened there). And the other one says "You're a smokin fox" (see what I did there, his last name is Fox), and it has a picture of a fox with a cigarette. HA!

Sophie said...

The first one is a favorite<3

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