never in kentucky blonde**

if you're wondering if i am about to pile on some throwback thursday photos, i am. but if you're wondering if the "throwback" portion is from mere weeks ago, you're right. 

you know when something is right between the "that's just old" and "that's vintage" feel, this is it. 

one of my favorite family traditions is spending the week (or two) after christmas in palm beach where my parentals have a place and we all get to enjoy it together. my mom, stepdad, sister, bro in law, nephew, sister, brother, husband, and i went for 12 days this year and it was the perfect way to ring in the new year. 
{john married all this baggage. but at least my luggage has chrome rims}

{palm. beach. florida. never gets old}
{pbg means palm beach grill, which means celebs. which clearly means i've never seen one during the five times there but i've heard they frequent the joint so it's basically safe to say i'm besties with rod stewart}
we saw this yacht docked at, well, at the palm beach yacht club, so with a name like "diamonds are forever" i knew i had to google it. and glad i did because this little ski doo has a web site of its own.  so if you're down for a blog convention, i was thinking we could just rent this guy for a mere $450,000. you down?
so right when you thought i could go more than five posts without my little love bug, i fooled ya!  here's my nephew, colton, swimming like a fish! and his is this perfect dive position. each time we would get him to jump to us, he would put his arms back like this and then jump up and over. simply adorbs. 
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  it's our family new years kiss to you!  since sam's boyfriend couldn't make it on the trip, i decided to give sammy a nice little nye kisseroo. that's what sisters are for, right?
for girls day, we went to the spa and then shopped around worth avenue and had dinner at taboo

this is your warning for the cutest picture ever: 
we went cruisin around on the boat one day and for some reason, when we put the lifejacket on colton, he just did not move. he was wide awake here but sat like this for probably 10 minutes, not moving a muscle with his mouth wide open and his sunglasses on with his arms to his side, perfectly content in rick's lap. it's hilarious and absolutely precious all at the same time. 

my sister and moi. 
my sisters and moi. i'm so tall.
if you ever make it to west palm, you MUST go to cafe centro. it is an awesome restaurant with live music and entertainment and the singer/piano player will dance and sing on the bar and they have confetti and dancing and wild madness all while you eat. 
it is so, so much fun.
but it's rare that people will have so much fun at cafe centro that they end up in the hospital until 4am. but my husband breaks barriers.  due to some severe chest pains, we visited the ER and thank heavens we were discharged after about 4 hours and no serious conditions. future cardiologist appointments, but a for-the-most-part- healthy husband. 
what's better than your grandmother teaching your nephew her favorite yoga poses?  nothing. hilarious. 
shopping on a rainy florida day.  
we played euchre all night, every night. are you a card player?
city place with my grandparents and mama.
and hubby. 
check out the coolest candy/ice cream store in the entire world. can you even believe how awesome this place is?
and i'm also happy to announce i added this lovely beaut to my closet. ow owww

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xo loves

**one of my favorite people in the world, clearly my girl ash, said i should change my blog name to Never in Kentucky Blonde. she's just too much, i tell ya.  ;)


Ashley Barnhill said...

My luggage has chrome rims, hahaha!!!! Looks like such a fun trip!

Jenny B said...

I love ALL these photos...but I have to say, my favorite thing about this post is that John wore his yellow PWC basketball league tshirt to the beach. HAHAHA!

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