plus one more!

this weekend was an incredible one because of one main reason...
well, two reasons.  these two guys.

blogworld, please meet our new little baby..

woodford is a rescue pup we adopted and made our own on saturday afternoon. it was one of the easiest decisions i've ever made and he is an absolute dream puppy.

even if he didn't have a kentucky collar, i'd still love him. he already loves his crate and runs to the door when he has to go potty. and it's only monday morning!!  

the facts: this guy is a whopping 6.5 pounds and is a black lab mix. we're not sure the "mix" portion, but from the way he acts and looks, he's pretty close to full black lab if you ask me. 

his hobbies includes biting his mommy, sleeping, hopping like a bunny, and hating treats. 

woodford told me he is so excited to meet all you ladies (and gents?) and he is proud to be the official kentuckyblonde mascot. 



Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

His name is WOODFORD?!?! I die. Cutest. name. ever. What a little doll he is!

Kerr said...

Aahhhh he is so precious!!!!!

Natasha said...

he is ABSOLUTELY the cutest thing i've ever seen...and woodford for the name, HOW fitting!!!

Sara said...

Perfect name, perfect collar!! What a cute pup!

Cole said...

Best collar EVER!

Courtney @ line up and wait said...

Oh my gosh, what a cutie!

Miss Chelsea said...

woodford!? stopppp it. I just died of adorableness

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