welcome home woodford!

after 5 nights, 
6 days, 
a lot of money, 
12 trips to the vet hospital to visit, 
more tears than i'll admit, 
billions of prayers, 
and one VERY tough puppy, 
i could not be happier to tell y'all that woodford is home!!!! 
and look at him! he has so much energy i couldn't even get him to chill for a second for a photo op with his banner! and especially with my canon...no way, not going to happen. there's nothing more exciting in this entire world than the strap of a canon rebel, is there? is there? is there? this little puppy is in FULL puppy mode now and my arms have the bites and scratches to prove it. 

he is still battling some kennel cough but compared to what he was going through, it's a cake walk. he is still on 4 meds 3x a day but is on his road to recovery!  

and to parvo - i despise you. you are the worst thing in the entire world and to make puppies your target is just down right gross. when i become a millionaire, my charity of choice will be to find the cure to parvo. 

and what better way to introduce woodford back to his home than by cheers-ing with my hubby to a nice glass of Woodford Reserve. on the rocks. 

to every.single.one.of.you... you're incredible. your comments, texts, calls, messages, emails, prayers, thoughts, and everything else made this nightmare for this new mama a touch easier. ..and to those of you with human babies that are sick... my heart goes out to you. the last week has been torture for me, and i'm not even the little guy that was fighting for his life. 

welcome home, ww!  i love you! and so does your daddy :)


Natasha said...

1) i absolutely love that you made him a welcome home sign...SO STINKING CUTE!!

2) yay woodford!! so glad you beat parvo and can have one happy life with your amazing parents

Chelsea Coleen said...

i have goosebumps!!! SO HAPPY!! he is so handsome!!! xoxoxo!!!

Sara said...

so glad that he is home and doing well!!! such a cute little guy!

Kerr said...

Yay! So glad he's on the mend.

Lins said...

So glad he is home! He is soooo adorable! :)


Lindsay said...

YAY Praise God! :)

Cole said...

He is so sweet!!! Glad he is home. Do you know what breed he is? His face is so adorable!!!!

Courtney @ line up and wait said...

So glad to see he's home! And your welcome home banner is too darn cute!

Saeed Zia said...

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