i taught her everything she knows

i am still in awe that jennifer lawrence is an academy award winner. 

i honestly don't have a lot of words that express my excitement towards jen winning an oscar and the happiness i feel for her and the lawrence family. 

i've known jen and her brothers (and her sister in law and parents) for years and years and this video of the family seeing jen for the first time after winning makes my heart so, so happy. 

and to make this journey even more exciting for us not-famous-and-still-living-in-louisville people, it's safe to say the entire city of louisville is obsessed with these hilarious videos going around that perfectly capture jen in just a few videos. witty, spunky, completelyyy unpredictable, and grateful.

so pardon my absence while i continue to celebrate for jen. wahoooo!


do you love her as much as we do?


married but single mother with no children.

being a single (but married) mother (to a dog) is a tough job!!
{i need wine}
john has been out of town during the week for the last 5ish weeks which has made me have a newfound respect for single mothers. being a married mom to a puppy is tough enough when he's out of town. juggling work and woodford and life is not easy, my friends! 

this is how to feel about it:
watching a 120 pound innocent black lab get bit and hopped on 
and barked at makes me feel like i should lock woodford in his crate 24/7. 
but then i look at woodford's sweet little face and remember he can do no wrong. 

then when my hands begin bleeding from being gnawed on for 20 minutes 
straight to give reggie a break, it all comes back to me why puppies have chew toys. 
but then after 20 minutes of using me as a chew toy, 
he's clearly exhausted. 
so right when i'm at my end point and about to soccer kick him across the room 
(only because my hands have fallen off due to his puppy teeth), 
he decides a nap on my chest is just what the doctor ordered. 
so he perches up, 
gets his nose all nuzzled into my neck and his little puppy breathe 
and breathing makes me feel like all is right in the world. 

until a dog commercial comes on the tv and awakens the slumbering beast 
and then it's torture town once again. 

i can only throw a ball 144 times at 4:30 in the morning in hopes he will go back to sleep until maybe, just maybe, dare i say 6:30am? by the 145th throw, it's a solid bet i will cry in front of the first person i see whether it be the starbucks drive thru guy, obama, the janitor at my work, or selena gomez. 

please, please watch this video because the first 4 minutes may or may not be exact. i guarantee you it will be the funniest part of your entire friday. 

in true family fashion, my entire family has gone south for the winter except for me. (and john and the dogs). so i've been shackin' up at my moms and have spent all of my time snuggling up with reggie and woodford. i call them tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. 

i call them tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. 

i hope you have a wonderful weekend!  tgif, fo sho!!


 i have one request for you...
do you remember Team Dandy from my grad school days? well one of the dandies was just diagnosed with having MS so i would really appreciate it if you would keep him in your prayers. when he said the words "don't be sad for me" ....my heart sank. but he's a very strong guy and i have no doubt he'll keep improving. 


ridin' dirrty

wondering where i've been?
i've been snuggling with this wee man anddd......
driving one of our two new cars!!!!!!!

it's true. we bought two. if you're wondering if it was a BOGO special, it wasn't. but that would've been nice!!  instead, john and i went car shopping on saturday to "get a feel" for what we liked for when the right time came along for us to seal the deal and buy a car. 

but when we were at the negotiating point with the sales guy, i began getting a little bit jealous that john would be the one with a new car and my eyes wandered through the car lot packed full of potential rides for this girl. i spotted this 2013 beauty and decided to nonchalantly throw it in the mix of negotiations.  

{please ignore my neighbors messy life house}

a long, six-ish hours later, john and i drove home not one, but two new cars. 

what's that old saying? happy wife, happy life? john sure is catching on! :)

{blurred screen because there are some inappropriate images on there. hehe, i kid. a girls gotta have some privacy}

i got a 2013 hyundai santa fe with a whopping 153 miles on it and i. love. love. love. it. 

i was looking at x5's and acura mdx's but i would have to get one that was about two years old and not fully loaded for our price range. so instead, we decided on a brand spankin' new whip for this girl and below our actual budget.

i forgot to get a pic of john's pimp mobile but he got a sonata and he loooves it. both cars have two sunroofs, because what's a family that doesn't have a total of FOUR sunroofs? lame. 

we may not be parents to humans yet but our pup, woodford, sure is spoiled by taking up all the space in our new cars which we got for our "growing" family. (noooo, i'm not pregnant. i'm just still laughing at the fact we got an suv for our dog. basically.)
i'm also guilty for bringing woodford's food outside so he can enjoy the warm-ish weather we've been experiencing in the afternoons. everyone loves a little al fresco dining every once in awhile, right? 

xo! :)
ps - thanks for all of your suggestions on the cars! we looked at basically every car ever made but really appreciate your help! 


can i get a ride?

oohhhhh happppy friday!

i am so excited for this weekend because we have a fairly clear calendar with the exception of one baby shower (yay!) and sunday morning church.

other than that, we have TWO things to do. what are they you ask?

1. my first thing i have to do -- convince john we neeeed this 2013 range rover... (what? a girl can dream, sheesh)...

and 2. we are going C.A.R. S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G.

we will both be getting new (at least new to us) cars within the year so we are focusing on getting a car for now and an suv in the future. 

so here's where you come in ... what do you drive and do you love it??  we need some suggestions!



my valentine

my valentine, my john, my husband,
i simply adore you. you are my much better half, my best friend, the love of my life. thank you for making me your wife and for agreeing to be my valentine until 2/14/239874 and then some more years. i'm grateful you love puzzles with our picture on them as much as i do because we're really rackin up a collection of them.
i love you. 

and to you, my other valentines,
thank you for being my valentines for four consecutive years. i am truly thankful for my blog valentines and the support and friendship through this here blizzog. 

now - let's goooo celebrate v-day!!! ow! ow! ow!  


happy valentine's eve!

happpppy valentine's eve!!

my sweet, sweet coworker gave me this valentine today since she will be out tomorrow with a homemade valentine and homemade gorgeous cookies! how precious is this?? 

i'll be honest, it's been quite some time since i've received an actual valentine's day card from anyone besides my mom, my dad, and my, well, my valentine. 

let's vote... which is your favorite?  

1. the photo above - "you are cute as a button"

2. martha stewart valentines day card bookmarks. just because they're cute.

3. i love this one. alligator saying "i'd snap at the change to be your valentine!"

4. for little woodford, maybe i will give him a little dog bone that says 
"no bones about it you are top dog!" 

5. and since john is woodfords daddy, i'll give him a dog bone shaped cookie that says
"it is 'ruff' when you are not around!"  

6. a tootsie roll saying "i like the way you roll"  :)  

what's your favorite valentine's day quote on this happy happy valentines eve??

some inspiration from here



randies is like the cool, popular girl in school way to say random. totally randies
here are my tuesday thoughts, pictures, favorites, and ideas.
this picture of reggie and woodford only looks sweet and comforting. little do you know, woodford is actually eating reggies tail and reggie is the bestest dog in the whole world and isn't even fighting woodford. (even though reggie would probably lose because he's a little bit of a pansy..)
my mom has been bragging for quite some time that she is the scrabble master because she always beats my step dad. well, i'm proud to announce i've crushed the leader!! 
do you agree that there's something extra rewarding about beating your mom? but then do you agree that i shouldn't admit that since it was scrabble? 
does that make me as old as her?  ;)
i mean, seriously?

here are my thoughts on:
the bachelor - i think it's weird that the girls say i love you to sean when they know he can't say it back. multiple times. awkward.
real housewives of beverly hills - it's getting petty and unnecessary. lawsuits and not sticking up for each other... what are we, rich and famous or middle schoolers?
teen mom - i love you. 

i'm super pumped i won michaela's giveaway and i get to treat myself to heylee b and add to my quite sad wardrobe!

these are WOODFORDS TEETH!!  now, i'm no dentist, but i'm willing to bet those chompers may need a set of braces in the future. kinda like faith hill's new set of clear braces.

which leads me to my next point... if you were faith hill, would you get braces? what? i'm just asking... no judgements here. except i'm judging and if i were her, i'd find an alternative teeth straightening option. tim deserves perfection, and faith minus the braces is pretty stinking close. 

spill it! tell me something awesome! a secret maybe?! i'll keep it, i promise.


in yo face

i grew up on makeup. not loving it, just wearing it. and usually a lot of it. ok, fine, always too much. until recently. one of my new years resolutions was to take ocd-esque perfect care of my skin. it included spending a hefty amount of money and pushing my laziness aside to get this train going. wooot! woooot!

i never. never. never. thought i'd say it but i don't wear face makeup now. like foundation, that's saved for date nights. the au natural feeling is incredible and i challenge you, if you don't already, get your face prepped and go a full day with nothin' on. (except clothing.)

so here are my go to's --
this one was quite the debate between my wallet and myself. lucky for me, santa (aka my mama) gifted me this beauty this december and my face has been smiling at her ever since. it is the clarisonic mia and is the prefect size for me. its the smallest size but it's all i need. its $119, which i promise you is worth it.  

the next items are all guerlain and i'm seriously obsessed with the entire line. yup, expensive. yup, it hurts a little bit when the sale goes through. yup, it may take some pep talks to talk yourself into the investment but yup, you guessed it... it's worth it. 

i was blessed with some beautiful black/purple/scary coloring under my eyes which resembles that of a black eye on a daily basis. no matter what i do, it doesn't go away. but i've fallen in love with this precious light concealer from guerlain and i love it. on those tough mornings when moisturizer won't cut it, i add a click or two of this and i'm suddenly back to walking on sunshine. it's about 50 bucks, but i do love it. if you don't have undereyes that resemble that of a football player wearing those black stripes, i'd say you could get away with forgoing this purchase. 

this stuff is cool, even if it is mental. this is the l'or radiance concentrate with pure gold. yes, pure gold is in the title. which clearly means you must have this. you can purchase this heavenly sent glow enhancer from sephora and its about $70. to be 100% honest, i can only tell a small difference when i'm wearing it but the feeling i have of putting gold on my face makes me feel like a queen. (insert facepalm here due to pure materialistic obsession)

but in all seriousness, i do love love this foundation. it lasts FOREVER and a small bit goes a long way! it's 60 dolla, no holla, but you'll look like a balla. loves it. 

along with the foundation, i simply ADORE the guerlain terracotta light sheer bronzing powder. this too is a must-have. a little bit goes a long way and it lasts forever and ever. its about $50 but a heck of a lot cheaper than skin cancer since you can look sunkissed without the sun!

i never really believed the obsessed of so many people with lotion. i never found a lotion that i would routinely apply because they were either too oily, or too heavy, or too sticky, or too gross. but i am completely, uttered, psycho, obsessed, crazy, in love, attached to this. the way it goes on, stays on, and makes my skin look and feel is something worth every single penny. i'm now a strong, strong believer in lotion and it's because of this stuff. yup, it's crazy, stupid expensive but i love it. its about $117 for 1.7 oz. but i swear by it. the guerlain super aqua day comfort cream. hallelujah! 

i promise i was not given a single thing for preaching about these products for this post but i just love them. however, that's definitely not to say i wouldnt be interested if any guerlain rep would love to send over some samples or anything.   ;)  ;)  ;)

what are your beauty secrets?? please do share! 



showering cats baby

happy happy friday, friends! 

i'm so excited to share the photos from cat's baby shower last sunday!  i can't believe my bestie will be a mama in just about 9 weeks! 
this baby was certainly showered!  there's something about the teeny tiny size of baby gifts that make everything in the world seem so much better. 
the cake balls. one was red velvet and the other was a cookies and creme. my mouth is watering. 

some of the lovely mothers! 

the only photo of the soon-to-be-mama posing with a new gift! i'm hard a work behind her writing the list of who gave what. secretly, i love having that job at showers because i get antsy. imagine that.  

we've been the four best friends since before pre-school. that's a long, long time. 
the diaper cake!

and another for the full length effect. because what's a baby shower without an outfit post included? 

it's a real "wow i'm old" feeling when all your best friends are having babies on purpose. but old or young, i could not be happier for curt and cat to become parents. 
this is cats mom and cats husband, curt. are they the cutest things in the world?

this man will be a father. and a darn great one at that.

they are not finding out if its a boy or girl and they're not spillin any secrets about potential names! you can bet your bottom dollar will be the total opposite. i thought it was mandatory for every baby to have a full monogrammed closet of onesies by the time the wee one arrives home from the hospital? 
...or is that a challenge for me to monogram everything in two days before bringing baby home?
challenge: accepted.

cats mom, cat, curts mom. 

because the family photo op is a must. 

this is grandbaby #6 for curts mom and #4 for cats mom. and there is absolutely no doubt this baby will have any issues with not being spoiled or loved enough. 

have a wonderful weekend, loves!



things i learned the hard way

life would be pretty darn easy if we listened to and took every piece of advice everyone gives us and avoided any and all curve balls thrown our way. but i know i'm too stubborn to do that. i probably should've believed my mother when she told me i'd get hurt if i walked in front of the hammock my sister was swinging on when i was little. but instead, i ran right in front of said hammock and due to the law of inertia (inertia??) i got clocked in the side of the head. but that's part of growing up.

so i've thought about some things i've learned the hard way.

i learned you shouldn't paint your nails right after you drink a whole water bottle.

when people encourage you to quit your job and follow your dreams, they're usually rich, successful, famous, strangers speaking to anyone that will listen. i did this. i got so fed up and unhappy in my previous job, i quit. looking back now, it was a good move because a year and a half later, i'm happy. but during the unemployment period, which was longer than expected, it sucked. when i quit and followed my dreams i forgot that my bills didn't get the same memo, or the gap in my resume isn't the most appealing info to potential employers. i'd recommend having something in the game plan before you throw your two weeks notice in your managers face and stomp outta there like you're walking into a billion dollar inheritance.

the truth is easier to remember when the topic is revisited. 

in the three months john and i have been married, we have been to the hospital (unexpectedly) three times. kidney stones (me), chest pains (him), and herniated discs (him, again.). just because our "honeymoon" phase of our marriage includes hospital gowns instead of victoria's secret gowns doesn't mean we're destined for disaster. it just means we married our other half since we don't have the same medical issues and we each are literally half way healthy. see what i did there?

in regards to us being hospital-prone, we learned the hard way we adopted the perfect puppy for us. woodford was just proving to us that he really did belong to us by needing to spend some time in the hospital and add to our (ginormous) stack of medical bills. that little sucker fits right in.

don't go through your significant others phone. just don't. its not healthy, fair, and it doesn't put you in any type of position for a successful relationship. 

wedding planning. i thought i'd love it. i didn't. learned the hard way it's not for everyone. 

you can't change people. no matter how hard ya try, it ain't gonna happen.

when you start your car on a snowy winter morning and there's ice on the windshield, don't attempt to spray windshield wiper fluid on it to speed up the process. it will just freeze even more and you'll have to wait even longer and get even more mad than before and blame the world on hating you, when really it was your own fault.

just because you write with pen in your planner doesn't mean the plans are permanent. 

mind over matter only brings you so far. 

if the milk smells funny, throw it away. 

all that annoying talk from adults about the importance of sunscreen and face lotion... they weren't lying. for the first time in my whole life, i have gone a consecutive 4 days with no make up. its refreshing. 

karma. woof. 

what have you learned the hard way?

*all photos are my own

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