can i get a ride?

oohhhhh happppy friday!

i am so excited for this weekend because we have a fairly clear calendar with the exception of one baby shower (yay!) and sunday morning church.

other than that, we have TWO things to do. what are they you ask?

1. my first thing i have to do -- convince john we neeeed this 2013 range rover... (what? a girl can dream, sheesh)...

and 2. we are going C.A.R. S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G.

we will both be getting new (at least new to us) cars within the year so we are focusing on getting a car for now and an suv in the future. 

so here's where you come in ... what do you drive and do you love it??  we need some suggestions!



Katie said...

We are going car shopping this weekend too! We are looking at the Toyota Highlander and GMC Acadia. Looking forward to hearing about what you see! Good Luck!

Alexa said...

I drive a 2011 Toyota 4Runner and it's the best car I've ever had! My mom has a Toyota Sequoyah and it's wonderful, and I also used to drive a Yukon Denali that was a beast but so great!

Toyota service and everything has always been fantastic. My husband has a Nissan and Nissan has NOT been great to us, so I can't recommend them at all. Happy shopping :)

Taryn said...

I just bought my Mazda CX-5 about a month and a half ago. I love it! I researched for a while trying to find an SUV with good gas mileage and I kept coming back to the CX-5. It had great reviews on all the auto websites and I have not been disappointed. I get an average of 28 miles to the gallon which is better than most sedans! One recommendation - do not go to Oxmoot Mazda in Louisville. I had a terrible experience there and they tried to use very slimy sales tactics to get me to buy. If you are considering a Mazda, definitely look at Paul Miller in Lexington - highly recommend!

LB @ Table For One said...

You need the Range Rover! You would look fabulous driving it! I've got a car so I'm not much help in the SUV department but my best friend did just get a Yukon. It drives like a dream!

Cole said...

I have a Ford Focus...don't buy it. Do not recommend. I'm about to get a Toyota Highlander! My sister has one, it's been amazing. Driving it has been great, and quite frankly - she seems to have a lot better service with Toyota than I have with Ford!

Naomi Champy said...

Have you fulfilled any of the two, Jayme? Just remember to spend considerable time in jotting down your car requirement before you even start the car shopping. You’d definitely come across a lot of handsome beasts, so it would be for the better to keep your mind set to a certain goal. Good luck! :D -->Naomi

Mickey said...

Did you get a car already? Buying a car needs a lot of considerations. Like the convenience and comfort, or if you have kids, or is it going to be an everyday car. Things like that. I’m driving a Mini Cooper because I’m not that person who carries a lot of stuff with me every day, and simply because I love it, and, yeah, a girl can dream! :) I hope you got the car that you wanted. :)

Mickey Doshi

Ashely Redden said...

So how did the convincing go? Did your hubby agree with the 2013 Range Rover? Well, it's a great car. It's actually included on my list of our soon-to-be family cars. It can accommodate many passengers and the cargo space is decent enough for our needs. Yep, a girl can definitely dream!

Ashely Redden

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