Guest Post!: Super Bowl Advice

i could not be happier or more excited to share my very first guest post spot with this little gem!  brace yourselves, because this post by JENNY is a keeper!  she doesn't have a blog but if she'll accept my invitation, hopefully we have a whole series of her amazingness! 

Super Bowl Advice: By Jenny

I always like to go into every Super Bowl armed with a few solid "Man Facts".  These are game stats that men think only THEY know, and are completely beyond the realm of female understanding. In reality, all you need is a quick Google search, a 5 minute channel flip to ESPN, OR THIS BLOG POST.  Here are my top one-liners to throw out during the game, that are guaranteed to make you the hottest chick in the room:

1) "Did you know that Jim and John Harbaugh almost coached together at Stanford? I wonder what this post-game handshake will be like?"

2) "Even though Ray Lewis denied any involvement in taking performance enhancing drugs, I can't imagine that it hasn't created some distraction in the locker room"

3) "I think Baltimore will strike early with some bombs by Flacco to Smith or Jones, but I see the Niners dominating with their running game in the 2nd half.... Final score SF 31 BAL 24"

Also, remember the commercial last year where Adriana Lima came out in a bathing suit and we all became simultaneously suicidal as we ate our buffalo dip? Well this year, you can watch every commercial with confidence. Because the only sexy thing we are going to see is Kate Upton looking really stupid in this little gem....seriously, is that it?!? *keeps eating buffalo dip*

here's the link. just in case....

So, I don't cook. Anything. EVER. Except on gameday. So consider yourselves the lucky few, because what you're about to see is VERY exclusive. My mom (who also hates cooking) actually won her first ever cooking contest last week with this recipe....that's right, my mother won a cooking contest with Mexican Dip. That happened. Here it is, and in my totally biased opinion, it's a Super Bowl must:


2 cups mayo
2 cans Mexicorn, drained
2 8-oz. bags shredded Colby/Jack cheese
1 cup parmesan cheese
4 oz. chopped jalapenos
Opt.: a little chopped red peppers for color

Mix all ingredients together and pour into casserole dish.  Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes or until bubbly.
Serve with tortilla chips or Fritos.



And finally ladies, I present to you, the 4 best reasons to watch Super Bowl XLVII....and honestly, do you NEED any other reason?

ENJOY! And don't forget...PUPPY BOWL at halftime on Animal Planet!

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Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, that dip recipe looks amazing. Love the one-liner tips, too! :)


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