happy valentine's eve!

happpppy valentine's eve!!

my sweet, sweet coworker gave me this valentine today since she will be out tomorrow with a homemade valentine and homemade gorgeous cookies! how precious is this?? 

i'll be honest, it's been quite some time since i've received an actual valentine's day card from anyone besides my mom, my dad, and my, well, my valentine. 

let's vote... which is your favorite?  

1. the photo above - "you are cute as a button"

2. martha stewart valentines day card bookmarks. just because they're cute.

3. i love this one. alligator saying "i'd snap at the change to be your valentine!"

4. for little woodford, maybe i will give him a little dog bone that says 
"no bones about it you are top dog!" 

5. and since john is woodfords daddy, i'll give him a dog bone shaped cookie that says
"it is 'ruff' when you are not around!"  

6. a tootsie roll saying "i like the way you roll"  :)  

what's your favorite valentine's day quote on this happy happy valentines eve??

some inspiration from here


Chelsea Coleen said...

love this!!! i found rawhide valentines for puppies at target so i have been sending them to charlies friends for him. hehehe. i need a life. but its too fun. happy early bday love!!

Mr Lonely said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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