i taught her everything she knows

i am still in awe that jennifer lawrence is an academy award winner. 

i honestly don't have a lot of words that express my excitement towards jen winning an oscar and the happiness i feel for her and the lawrence family. 

i've known jen and her brothers (and her sister in law and parents) for years and years and this video of the family seeing jen for the first time after winning makes my heart so, so happy. 

and to make this journey even more exciting for us not-famous-and-still-living-in-louisville people, it's safe to say the entire city of louisville is obsessed with these hilarious videos going around that perfectly capture jen in just a few videos. witty, spunky, completelyyy unpredictable, and grateful.

so pardon my absence while i continue to celebrate for jen. wahoooo!


do you love her as much as we do?


Chelsea Coleen said...

I was thinking about you! so we actually did not watch the Oscars, which is weird because I usually watch all of that, but we decided to watch a movie instead. Anyways on fb and EVERYWHERE after I kept reading about jlaw. And so of course I youtubed everything and have been watching it all ever since. She is SO cute, so funny. so down to earth you know? love it! and watching her reunite with her family, ahhh goosebumps!!! Oh also. I googled the ben Affleck acceptance speech too. because that was just pretty perfect. I love all those peopleee

Sara Elizabeth said...

total girl crush on JLaw! She's so hilarious and real. I was so happy to see her win!

Sarah Wyland said...

Adore her! She's true salt of the earth.

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh! This is SO awesome my friend. I was rooting for her the whole time. That movie was AMAZING!

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