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i grew up on makeup. not loving it, just wearing it. and usually a lot of it. ok, fine, always too much. until recently. one of my new years resolutions was to take ocd-esque perfect care of my skin. it included spending a hefty amount of money and pushing my laziness aside to get this train going. wooot! woooot!

i never. never. never. thought i'd say it but i don't wear face makeup now. like foundation, that's saved for date nights. the au natural feeling is incredible and i challenge you, if you don't already, get your face prepped and go a full day with nothin' on. (except clothing.)

so here are my go to's --
this one was quite the debate between my wallet and myself. lucky for me, santa (aka my mama) gifted me this beauty this december and my face has been smiling at her ever since. it is the clarisonic mia and is the prefect size for me. its the smallest size but it's all i need. its $119, which i promise you is worth it.  

the next items are all guerlain and i'm seriously obsessed with the entire line. yup, expensive. yup, it hurts a little bit when the sale goes through. yup, it may take some pep talks to talk yourself into the investment but yup, you guessed it... it's worth it. 

i was blessed with some beautiful black/purple/scary coloring under my eyes which resembles that of a black eye on a daily basis. no matter what i do, it doesn't go away. but i've fallen in love with this precious light concealer from guerlain and i love it. on those tough mornings when moisturizer won't cut it, i add a click or two of this and i'm suddenly back to walking on sunshine. it's about 50 bucks, but i do love it. if you don't have undereyes that resemble that of a football player wearing those black stripes, i'd say you could get away with forgoing this purchase. 

this stuff is cool, even if it is mental. this is the l'or radiance concentrate with pure gold. yes, pure gold is in the title. which clearly means you must have this. you can purchase this heavenly sent glow enhancer from sephora and its about $70. to be 100% honest, i can only tell a small difference when i'm wearing it but the feeling i have of putting gold on my face makes me feel like a queen. (insert facepalm here due to pure materialistic obsession)

but in all seriousness, i do love love this foundation. it lasts FOREVER and a small bit goes a long way! it's 60 dolla, no holla, but you'll look like a balla. loves it. 

along with the foundation, i simply ADORE the guerlain terracotta light sheer bronzing powder. this too is a must-have. a little bit goes a long way and it lasts forever and ever. its about $50 but a heck of a lot cheaper than skin cancer since you can look sunkissed without the sun!

i never really believed the obsessed of so many people with lotion. i never found a lotion that i would routinely apply because they were either too oily, or too heavy, or too sticky, or too gross. but i am completely, uttered, psycho, obsessed, crazy, in love, attached to this. the way it goes on, stays on, and makes my skin look and feel is something worth every single penny. i'm now a strong, strong believer in lotion and it's because of this stuff. yup, it's crazy, stupid expensive but i love it. its about $117 for 1.7 oz. but i swear by it. the guerlain super aqua day comfort cream. hallelujah! 

i promise i was not given a single thing for preaching about these products for this post but i just love them. however, that's definitely not to say i wouldnt be interested if any guerlain rep would love to send over some samples or anything.   ;)  ;)  ;)

what are your beauty secrets?? please do share! 



Katie said...

I love my clarosonic one of the best purchases I have ever made! worth every penny!

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I am obsessed with my Clarisonic too!

Blogger said...

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