married but single mother with no children.

being a single (but married) mother (to a dog) is a tough job!!
{i need wine}
john has been out of town during the week for the last 5ish weeks which has made me have a newfound respect for single mothers. being a married mom to a puppy is tough enough when he's out of town. juggling work and woodford and life is not easy, my friends! 

this is how to feel about it:
watching a 120 pound innocent black lab get bit and hopped on 
and barked at makes me feel like i should lock woodford in his crate 24/7. 
but then i look at woodford's sweet little face and remember he can do no wrong. 

then when my hands begin bleeding from being gnawed on for 20 minutes 
straight to give reggie a break, it all comes back to me why puppies have chew toys. 
but then after 20 minutes of using me as a chew toy, 
he's clearly exhausted. 
so right when i'm at my end point and about to soccer kick him across the room 
(only because my hands have fallen off due to his puppy teeth), 
he decides a nap on my chest is just what the doctor ordered. 
so he perches up, 
gets his nose all nuzzled into my neck and his little puppy breathe 
and breathing makes me feel like all is right in the world. 

until a dog commercial comes on the tv and awakens the slumbering beast 
and then it's torture town once again. 

i can only throw a ball 144 times at 4:30 in the morning in hopes he will go back to sleep until maybe, just maybe, dare i say 6:30am? by the 145th throw, it's a solid bet i will cry in front of the first person i see whether it be the starbucks drive thru guy, obama, the janitor at my work, or selena gomez. 

please, please watch this video because the first 4 minutes may or may not be exact. i guarantee you it will be the funniest part of your entire friday. 

in true family fashion, my entire family has gone south for the winter except for me. (and john and the dogs). so i've been shackin' up at my moms and have spent all of my time snuggling up with reggie and woodford. i call them tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. 

i call them tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. 

i hope you have a wonderful weekend!  tgif, fo sho!!


 i have one request for you...
do you remember Team Dandy from my grad school days? well one of the dandies was just diagnosed with having MS so i would really appreciate it if you would keep him in your prayers. when he said the words "don't be sad for me" ....my heart sank. but he's a very strong guy and i have no doubt he'll keep improving. 


According to Jax said...

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Lindsay said...

Must be SO hard. Enjoy your YOU time though :) Hope all is well girl!

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