my valentine

my valentine, my john, my husband,
i simply adore you. you are my much better half, my best friend, the love of my life. thank you for making me your wife and for agreeing to be my valentine until 2/14/239874 and then some more years. i'm grateful you love puzzles with our picture on them as much as i do because we're really rackin up a collection of them.
i love you. 

and to you, my other valentines,
thank you for being my valentines for four consecutive years. i am truly thankful for my blog valentines and the support and friendship through this here blizzog. 

now - let's goooo celebrate v-day!!! ow! ow! ow!  

1 comment:

Sophie said...

HOW SUPER PRECIOUS!!! Oh my gosh, my heart melted a bit. I really think couples are so cute. Awww. Also, that puppy.... oh my gosh...wuth the hearts...ohmygosh. <3

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