randies is like the cool, popular girl in school way to say random. totally randies
here are my tuesday thoughts, pictures, favorites, and ideas.
this picture of reggie and woodford only looks sweet and comforting. little do you know, woodford is actually eating reggies tail and reggie is the bestest dog in the whole world and isn't even fighting woodford. (even though reggie would probably lose because he's a little bit of a pansy..)
my mom has been bragging for quite some time that she is the scrabble master because she always beats my step dad. well, i'm proud to announce i've crushed the leader!! 
do you agree that there's something extra rewarding about beating your mom? but then do you agree that i shouldn't admit that since it was scrabble? 
does that make me as old as her?  ;)
i mean, seriously?

here are my thoughts on:
the bachelor - i think it's weird that the girls say i love you to sean when they know he can't say it back. multiple times. awkward.
real housewives of beverly hills - it's getting petty and unnecessary. lawsuits and not sticking up for each other... what are we, rich and famous or middle schoolers?
teen mom - i love you. 

i'm super pumped i won michaela's giveaway and i get to treat myself to heylee b and add to my quite sad wardrobe!

these are WOODFORDS TEETH!!  now, i'm no dentist, but i'm willing to bet those chompers may need a set of braces in the future. kinda like faith hill's new set of clear braces.

which leads me to my next point... if you were faith hill, would you get braces? what? i'm just asking... no judgements here. except i'm judging and if i were her, i'd find an alternative teeth straightening option. tim deserves perfection, and faith minus the braces is pretty stinking close. 

spill it! tell me something awesome! a secret maybe?! i'll keep it, i promise.


Kerr said...

Thought the same thing about faith hill! I mean we know you can afford invisalign...

Courtney said...

100% agree with your thoughts on Beverly Hills. Vanderpump Rules is my new obsession, I cannot get enough of that ridiculousness! And I'm pretty sure I want to talk hubby into getting a puppy, today. He is too cute!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Woodford is so cute!!!

LB @ Table For One said...

Woodford is precious!!! I almost had to get braces thanks to TMJ....I'm sure she would get invisalign but it might not fix it!

Katherine said...

Woodford is the cutest! And I can't help but loving the RHoBH drama...Lisa is by far my favorite!

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