ridin' dirrty

wondering where i've been?
i've been snuggling with this wee man anddd......
driving one of our two new cars!!!!!!!

it's true. we bought two. if you're wondering if it was a BOGO special, it wasn't. but that would've been nice!!  instead, john and i went car shopping on saturday to "get a feel" for what we liked for when the right time came along for us to seal the deal and buy a car. 

but when we were at the negotiating point with the sales guy, i began getting a little bit jealous that john would be the one with a new car and my eyes wandered through the car lot packed full of potential rides for this girl. i spotted this 2013 beauty and decided to nonchalantly throw it in the mix of negotiations.  

{please ignore my neighbors messy life house}

a long, six-ish hours later, john and i drove home not one, but two new cars. 

what's that old saying? happy wife, happy life? john sure is catching on! :)

{blurred screen because there are some inappropriate images on there. hehe, i kid. a girls gotta have some privacy}

i got a 2013 hyundai santa fe with a whopping 153 miles on it and i. love. love. love. it. 

i was looking at x5's and acura mdx's but i would have to get one that was about two years old and not fully loaded for our price range. so instead, we decided on a brand spankin' new whip for this girl and below our actual budget.

i forgot to get a pic of john's pimp mobile but he got a sonata and he loooves it. both cars have two sunroofs, because what's a family that doesn't have a total of FOUR sunroofs? lame. 

we may not be parents to humans yet but our pup, woodford, sure is spoiled by taking up all the space in our new cars which we got for our "growing" family. (noooo, i'm not pregnant. i'm just still laughing at the fact we got an suv for our dog. basically.)
i'm also guilty for bringing woodford's food outside so he can enjoy the warm-ish weather we've been experiencing in the afternoons. everyone loves a little al fresco dining every once in awhile, right? 

xo! :)
ps - thanks for all of your suggestions on the cars! we looked at basically every car ever made but really appreciate your help! 


Lindsay said...

HOORAY for new cars :) SUPER exciting! Catching up on my favorite blogs, hope you are well pretty girl. xo

Vanessa said...

OMG,such a cute dog.^^
I like your blog.
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
let me know follow you then back.;)
Lovely greets Nessa

Stelle said...

Two new cars? Wow! That’s pretty expensive. Looks like you’ll be facing two loans. Well, that’s a pretty good investment. Instead of wasting your money on nothing, it’s a smart choice that you spend it for cars, right? -Stelle Courney

Prince Moss said...

It’s great to know that people are getting smarter with their car purchases these days. They are widening their options, researching about everything, and making sure that it’s the best car for them. You two certainly made it into this category. And it’s even greater that you bought a car that’s suited for your future family even though you're not expecting. Admirable indeed!
Prince Moss

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