showering cats baby

happy happy friday, friends! 

i'm so excited to share the photos from cat's baby shower last sunday!  i can't believe my bestie will be a mama in just about 9 weeks! 
this baby was certainly showered!  there's something about the teeny tiny size of baby gifts that make everything in the world seem so much better. 
the cake balls. one was red velvet and the other was a cookies and creme. my mouth is watering. 

some of the lovely mothers! 

the only photo of the soon-to-be-mama posing with a new gift! i'm hard a work behind her writing the list of who gave what. secretly, i love having that job at showers because i get antsy. imagine that.  

we've been the four best friends since before pre-school. that's a long, long time. 
the diaper cake!

and another for the full length effect. because what's a baby shower without an outfit post included? 

it's a real "wow i'm old" feeling when all your best friends are having babies on purpose. but old or young, i could not be happier for curt and cat to become parents. 
this is cats mom and cats husband, curt. are they the cutest things in the world?

this man will be a father. and a darn great one at that.

they are not finding out if its a boy or girl and they're not spillin any secrets about potential names! you can bet your bottom dollar will be the total opposite. i thought it was mandatory for every baby to have a full monogrammed closet of onesies by the time the wee one arrives home from the hospital? 
...or is that a challenge for me to monogram everything in two days before bringing baby home?
challenge: accepted.

cats mom, cat, curts mom. 

because the family photo op is a must. 

this is grandbaby #6 for curts mom and #4 for cats mom. and there is absolutely no doubt this baby will have any issues with not being spoiled or loved enough. 

have a wonderful weekend, loves!



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