she's a wreck

i know what you're thinking -- a wreck?! in her new car?! nooooooo!  and you're right.
on my way into work, i was rear ended. in my brand new car. 
it still even has a temporary license plate.
i was the third, and last car to be hit.
but are you ready for the real dagger? 
the first lady that started the wreck, 
{am i allowed to post her license plate and contact info so everyone 
in the blog world can make her life a living h e double hockey sticks??}

pardon my language but who the @&$@$%* doesn't have insurance 
OR a license in todays world!? 
if you can't afford to even "stay legal for less" 
then you need to get off the road!!!!  

but the silver lining: the lady that hit me (the middle car) was amazing! we sat in my car for a full hour while the cop wrote the report and just chatted about life. her car is so messed up that it wasn't able to be driven so i drove her to work. see, there are still good people in this world.

you didn't think i'd leave you with just photos of cars, did you? 
here's my baby nugget woodford after the kentucky loss. 
he's really depressed his NIT bracket is now ruined. 

so my friends, if you're reading this and you're uninsured, 
then get off here and go get insurance. i demand youuuu to stop!*

*name that movie?


happiest birthdays to a not-regular mom, but a cool mom!

today is my mama's birthday and i couldn't be happier to 
celebrate such an amazing woman!
{moi, my sister, mi madre, mi grandmother} 
my mama, aka, my bestest friend, is the light of the family. 
she's the one that holds us together and the life of the party. 
she's always a blast to be around and even though she may have spoiled me, 
she taught me an important lesson: rules are dumb. 
okay, not all rules. 
but it's okay to not be 100% "traditional" and to take advantage 
of snow days, time off, and relaxation. 
she's a very hard worker, when it's time to work.

but the gal knows how to party!  
i love her more than anything in the world 
and it is the greatest compliment when someone says 
"you are certainly your mothers daughter" 
because shes the greatest woman i've never known.

the best mother to me (and my siblings) 
and the best grandmother to colton 
(and his baby sister or brother come july 2013!)

i love you mama!  happy happy birthday! 

**she's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom!


chugging bottles for money

that's right, friends. today we are discussing chugging bottles for money. 

catherines sisters planned one of the best/ most fun/ un-baby-ish/ greatest baby showers i've been to in quite some time! it was a couples shower at noon on saturday.

which if you're a kentucky fan, 
you know the kentucky v. florida game began at noon. 
and if you're not, well, you should be. 
so clearly the game was on and this was happening:
the boys watching the game inside while the girls hung out outside. 
(by the way, i promise we weren't texting each other.) 

busted! during present time, curt was a little distracted by the kentucky game. men!

it was a blast!

the girls chose a boys name out of a bowl.
i chose the one guy that was a date of cats college roommate (from out of town) 
so no one had met him before.
he put his hand out for a nice hand shake before he sat on my lap.
i said, "brothers don't shake hands. brothers gotta hug!!"
followed by, "hop on my lap here, baby! momma gonna feed you!"
he was scared. i'm positive he was.
 but he played it off like a champ because...
WE WON!! WE WON!! WE WON!!  10 dollars! 
i couldn't have been prouder of my baby.
i love the picture of him telling me to even go faster! 
baby huuungry!

oh right, ill explain the game:
the girls choose a boys name from a bowl.
the boy sits on the girls lap. (like baby and mama)
the girl holds the baby bottle, but it has beer in it.
the baby chugs.
and if you're me, and the winner, 
you will throw the baby bottle on the ground with tremendous force, 
proving to all opponents you are clearly 
the best mother there. 

yes, i'm for hire if you'd like me to feed your baby beer, or come to a baby shower.

speaking of amazingness... this is cat's baby niece grace. can you believe those INCREDIBLE cheeks? she is the sweetest baby, and absolutely adorable. 

you should probably know the cute little face on the right by now if you're an avid kentuckyblonde follower since she is basically my second mom. biologically speaking, she may be cat's mom but sometimes i claim her as mine too. #BecauseICan.

raise your hand if you've played this game before. 



heyyy jude

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and your monday is not whooping your butt!

we spent saturday evening celebrating the nuptials 
of my gorgeous cousin elizabeth and her {new} hubby peter. 
you may remember elizabeth from this post, 
but now, she's making her second debut as the bride! 
john and i before headed out to the celebration!
this guy, my dad, sure did enjoy himself that night! :)
jessie, meredith, moi.
ben and meredith. aren't they lovely? 
you may remember them from this post!
...fun fact... ben is jennifer lawrence's brother. :)
oh, that's fierce.

dad and his daughters. blurry, but it wouldn't be if you drank a few glasses of vino.

now, for some photos of the newlyweds...
how sweet are they?? 
and i loooove this idea! 
switch out the jackets and flowers, and switch up expressions. so cute!  
...the three beauties on the right are my stepsisters. 

ewww! kisssses!
ow!  oh girl! 
are you even ready for this cuteness??  
jude is elizabeth and peter's little boy who will be 2 in august. 
he was the ring bearer and soooo sweet! 
do you remember jude from here? he's growing up! 
and to make the perfect night even more 
perfect(er) they passed out candles and played "hey jude" 
while peter and elizabeth danced with baby jude... 
and he slept like a precious doll. 
it was so incredibly sweet and sincere. they're precious.

for not knowing they would be parents until she went into labor, 
they sure do have this whole parenting thing figured out! 
they're one precious family. 

congrats elizabeth and peter! and jude!

the wedding photos, from here.


it's friday it's friday

haaappy happy joy joy! it's friday! it's friday!

{my happy little family.}

this weekend, we have a couples baby shower for our dear friends cat and curt saturday afternoon and then saturday evening, my lovely cousin is getting married and we can't wait to shake our tailfeathers on the dance floor to celebrate the happy couple!

last weekend, we spent saturday night at a real fancy mexican restaurant where they poured glasses of wine the way i like 'em. needless to say, i hope my weekend includes many a'glasses like this one!

what are your plans?

ps. i'm squealing with excitement over the amazingness that i have to show you all next week here on the blog with an amazing etsy shoppe!  get excitttted!!  :) :) :) :)


my type of news

jamie lynn spears is engaged to jamie watson because 
what's cooler than marrying someone with your same name? 
also, i'll note jamie watson is not the father of JLS's 4 year old daughter
but he is 9 years her senior. 

the bachelor.
clearly i watched it. and clearly i have plenty of opinions. 
honestly - i can't really tell if i'm team sean or not. 
he seems sincere but then he just seems annoying and the 
shape of his lips makes me angry because it's not genuine.

ashlee made a fierce accusation but i don't remember what it was
because i was so focused on her eye lashes. 
they were seriously tangled and so incredibly long.
in a bad way. 

we won't even talk about tierrable because we just won't.
this is a happy blog. 

des. glad she changed her bangs.
but she should've put some extra powder in her chin. 
but i do love her. but not at much as i love sarah. 

change of subject...

do you use coconut oil?
it's changed my life and i'm so obsessed.
 some uses:
shaving, chapped lips, lotion, cuts, hair conditioner, nail repair, 
cooking, eye make up remover, moisturizer, burns, feet, 
alzheimers prevention, alleviate allergy symptoms, energy, 
and a MILLION more uses.

if you don't use it, you're missing out. 



 are you doing your friday dance? if you're not, you should. 
john and i took woodford for a walk to walgreens to pick up some girl scout cookies. we took the long route to get the pup some extra exercise but apparently, extra was a little too much. woodford got a little exhausted so our walk turned into a john-and-jayme-walk-while-john-holds-woodford. spoiled? yup. but he's just so precious.

i got my hur did. whoop whoop. it was way way past when i should've been the in the chair with my magician melissa but life happens so i was elated to feel like a woman again!

i'm wearing yoga pants to work today. shh. don't tell.

we had book club on wednesday night which just so happened to be the same day alex and michael found out the gender of their wee one coming into the world this july!

alex crafted these eggs with the gender reveal begin in the center of the egg! how sweet?

it's ...

boy! :)

and just for comparison sake - the egg above was lee's that she got a little excited and smashed her egg real good. the bottom on was a delicate egg crusher. 

for the first time in several months, the not-pregnant actually outnumbered the preggers! whoop whoop! :) :)
team baby - cat, alex, kaitlin
team wine - jayme, lauren, lee, kelly

tis the season o' babies and i'm loving it! 

have a wonderful weekend! what are your plans?
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