chugging bottles for money

that's right, friends. today we are discussing chugging bottles for money. 

catherines sisters planned one of the best/ most fun/ un-baby-ish/ greatest baby showers i've been to in quite some time! it was a couples shower at noon on saturday.

which if you're a kentucky fan, 
you know the kentucky v. florida game began at noon. 
and if you're not, well, you should be. 
so clearly the game was on and this was happening:
the boys watching the game inside while the girls hung out outside. 
(by the way, i promise we weren't texting each other.) 

busted! during present time, curt was a little distracted by the kentucky game. men!

it was a blast!

the girls chose a boys name out of a bowl.
i chose the one guy that was a date of cats college roommate (from out of town) 
so no one had met him before.
he put his hand out for a nice hand shake before he sat on my lap.
i said, "brothers don't shake hands. brothers gotta hug!!"
followed by, "hop on my lap here, baby! momma gonna feed you!"
he was scared. i'm positive he was.
 but he played it off like a champ because...
WE WON!! WE WON!! WE WON!!  10 dollars! 
i couldn't have been prouder of my baby.
i love the picture of him telling me to even go faster! 
baby huuungry!

oh right, ill explain the game:
the girls choose a boys name from a bowl.
the boy sits on the girls lap. (like baby and mama)
the girl holds the baby bottle, but it has beer in it.
the baby chugs.
and if you're me, and the winner, 
you will throw the baby bottle on the ground with tremendous force, 
proving to all opponents you are clearly 
the best mother there. 

yes, i'm for hire if you'd like me to feed your baby beer, or come to a baby shower.

speaking of amazingness... this is cat's baby niece grace. can you believe those INCREDIBLE cheeks? she is the sweetest baby, and absolutely adorable. 

you should probably know the cute little face on the right by now if you're an avid kentuckyblonde follower since she is basically my second mom. biologically speaking, she may be cat's mom but sometimes i claim her as mine too. #BecauseICan.

raise your hand if you've played this game before. 



Kerr said...

I have not played that game but it sounds like the best shower game I've ever heard of!

brittany @ g squared said...

That is amazing!!! I will be suggesting it at all showers to come haha.

Tiffany Mendenhall said...

So fun! And that game is hysterical! Love it.

Ashley said...

you are seriously going to be the best (and most well-rested) mom ever with feeding skills like that.

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