happiest birthdays to a not-regular mom, but a cool mom!

today is my mama's birthday and i couldn't be happier to 
celebrate such an amazing woman!
{moi, my sister, mi madre, mi grandmother} 
my mama, aka, my bestest friend, is the light of the family. 
she's the one that holds us together and the life of the party. 
she's always a blast to be around and even though she may have spoiled me, 
she taught me an important lesson: rules are dumb. 
okay, not all rules. 
but it's okay to not be 100% "traditional" and to take advantage 
of snow days, time off, and relaxation. 
she's a very hard worker, when it's time to work.

but the gal knows how to party!  
i love her more than anything in the world 
and it is the greatest compliment when someone says 
"you are certainly your mothers daughter" 
because shes the greatest woman i've never known.

the best mother to me (and my siblings) 
and the best grandmother to colton 
(and his baby sister or brother come july 2013!)

i love you mama!  happy happy birthday! 

**she's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom!

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Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

You have a beautiful family and your mom is gorgeous!!!! Happy birthday to her! Have a great Monday!

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