heyyy jude

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and your monday is not whooping your butt!

we spent saturday evening celebrating the nuptials 
of my gorgeous cousin elizabeth and her {new} hubby peter. 
you may remember elizabeth from this post, 
but now, she's making her second debut as the bride! 
john and i before headed out to the celebration!
this guy, my dad, sure did enjoy himself that night! :)
jessie, meredith, moi.
ben and meredith. aren't they lovely? 
you may remember them from this post!
...fun fact... ben is jennifer lawrence's brother. :)
oh, that's fierce.

dad and his daughters. blurry, but it wouldn't be if you drank a few glasses of vino.

now, for some photos of the newlyweds...
how sweet are they?? 
and i loooove this idea! 
switch out the jackets and flowers, and switch up expressions. so cute!  
...the three beauties on the right are my stepsisters. 

ewww! kisssses!
ow!  oh girl! 
are you even ready for this cuteness??  
jude is elizabeth and peter's little boy who will be 2 in august. 
he was the ring bearer and soooo sweet! 
do you remember jude from here? he's growing up! 
and to make the perfect night even more 
perfect(er) they passed out candles and played "hey jude" 
while peter and elizabeth danced with baby jude... 
and he slept like a precious doll. 
it was so incredibly sweet and sincere. they're precious.

for not knowing they would be parents until she went into labor, 
they sure do have this whole parenting thing figured out! 
they're one precious family. 

congrats elizabeth and peter! and jude!

the wedding photos, from here.


Lindsey said...

They are such a cute couple! And I'm dying over Jude!

Kim said...

random question but was meredith's maiden name mountjoy? I think I knew her at WKU! If it is, small world...
Looks like a fun gorgeous wedding!

Ashley said...

i think married people are prettier. thus, i need to get married stat. this is an akward way to say you and BE are spicy hotness!

and OMG - i want to steal that little baby nugget. what a cutie pie!

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