it's friday it's friday

haaappy happy joy joy! it's friday! it's friday!

{my happy little family.}

this weekend, we have a couples baby shower for our dear friends cat and curt saturday afternoon and then saturday evening, my lovely cousin is getting married and we can't wait to shake our tailfeathers on the dance floor to celebrate the happy couple!

last weekend, we spent saturday night at a real fancy mexican restaurant where they poured glasses of wine the way i like 'em. needless to say, i hope my weekend includes many a'glasses like this one!

what are your plans?

ps. i'm squealing with excitement over the amazingness that i have to show you all next week here on the blog with an amazing etsy shoppe!  get excitttted!!  :) :) :) :)


Katie said...

Umm that is the best glass of wine I have ever seen!

Kerr said...

Happy happy joy joy!! Haven't heard that in a while!

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