my type of news

jamie lynn spears is engaged to jamie watson because 
what's cooler than marrying someone with your same name? 
also, i'll note jamie watson is not the father of JLS's 4 year old daughter
but he is 9 years her senior. 

the bachelor.
clearly i watched it. and clearly i have plenty of opinions. 
honestly - i can't really tell if i'm team sean or not. 
he seems sincere but then he just seems annoying and the 
shape of his lips makes me angry because it's not genuine.

ashlee made a fierce accusation but i don't remember what it was
because i was so focused on her eye lashes. 
they were seriously tangled and so incredibly long.
in a bad way. 

we won't even talk about tierrable because we just won't.
this is a happy blog. 

des. glad she changed her bangs.
but she should've put some extra powder in her chin. 
but i do love her. but not at much as i love sarah. 

change of subject...

do you use coconut oil?
it's changed my life and i'm so obsessed.
 some uses:
shaving, chapped lips, lotion, cuts, hair conditioner, nail repair, 
cooking, eye make up remover, moisturizer, burns, feet, 
alzheimers prevention, alleviate allergy symptoms, energy, 
and a MILLION more uses.

if you don't use it, you're missing out. 


Mrs. Lovely said...

Love me some coconut oil- I've put it in smoothies, my hair, shaving, added it to my bath, lotion, a burn, etc, etc. And to me it doesn't smell overly of coconut. I love the smell, but my husband isn't a fan so I don't have to worry about him.

Sarah Wyland said...

I'm in the same boat with Sean. I want to believe he's sincere but... LOVE Sarah! I think I've cried over that breakup 3 times.

Meg {henninglove} said...

coconut oil is the best stuff by far! it is great for my hair, my jar of coconut oil says athletes know, the beautiful people know, haha so random

Lindsay said...

Your posts make me smile :)

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