she's a wreck

i know what you're thinking -- a wreck?! in her new car?! nooooooo!  and you're right.
on my way into work, i was rear ended. in my brand new car. 
it still even has a temporary license plate.
i was the third, and last car to be hit.
but are you ready for the real dagger? 
the first lady that started the wreck, 
{am i allowed to post her license plate and contact info so everyone 
in the blog world can make her life a living h e double hockey sticks??}

pardon my language but who the @&$@$%* doesn't have insurance 
OR a license in todays world!? 
if you can't afford to even "stay legal for less" 
then you need to get off the road!!!!  

but the silver lining: the lady that hit me (the middle car) was amazing! we sat in my car for a full hour while the cop wrote the report and just chatted about life. her car is so messed up that it wasn't able to be driven so i drove her to work. see, there are still good people in this world.

you didn't think i'd leave you with just photos of cars, did you? 
here's my baby nugget woodford after the kentucky loss. 
he's really depressed his NIT bracket is now ruined. 

so my friends, if you're reading this and you're uninsured, 
then get off here and go get insurance. i demand youuuu to stop!*

*name that movie?


Chelsea Coleen said...

from my own personal experience - run. RUN FROM YOUR CAR. but silver lining here is it does not look like your car is red.

I was rear-ended as well about one month after getting my new car (a red jetta). the lady was driving a rental car. because she banged up her actual car hitting someone else! and since that lovely i have had the WORST LUCK IN THE WORLD with cars and poles and everything. I really just blame the color red though. i will never ever in the history of ever, ever own another red car. i am passionate about this. hehe juuuust need to sell it.

anyways this was a tangent about the color red - happy you are ok. happy lady in middle car was cool - and may you have better car luck than i :)

Kerr said...

Woodford, I feel you dude. Can we just pretend this season didnt happen?
Hope you get the car stuff worked out, that is no fun! Who doesn't have insurance?!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I am SO sorry - you poor thing, that has to be the worst feeling. Darn people! But glad the other woman was friendly, and how nice of you to drive her to work!

Natasha said...

that just STINKS!!!! i am so sorry friend...it drives me bonkers to think that people can do that in this day and age and you're the one that gets screwed paying for everything

cat said...

Problem Child...obviously when lawanda is commanding the love stone to stop

Courtney said...

Eeeek, glad you're okay! I hope everything works out; it's unbelievable to me that there are people out there so irresponsible that they would drive without a license or insurance.

PS - Woodford is just too darn cute!

Elnora Cowger said...

Just because a person is a good driver doesn't make them exempt from the dangers of the road. And with this incident, the lady who caused the accident certainly wasn't invincible. The lack of insurance was just icing on the cake. Now, she's stuck with a police report and has to pay out of pocket for repairs. That aside, it was nice of you to drive the other lady to work. I'm sure that gave a bright spot to her day despite the bad start. :)


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