are you doing your friday dance? if you're not, you should. 
john and i took woodford for a walk to walgreens to pick up some girl scout cookies. we took the long route to get the pup some extra exercise but apparently, extra was a little too much. woodford got a little exhausted so our walk turned into a john-and-jayme-walk-while-john-holds-woodford. spoiled? yup. but he's just so precious.

i got my hur did. whoop whoop. it was way way past when i should've been the in the chair with my magician melissa but life happens so i was elated to feel like a woman again!

i'm wearing yoga pants to work today. shh. don't tell.

we had book club on wednesday night which just so happened to be the same day alex and michael found out the gender of their wee one coming into the world this july!

alex crafted these eggs with the gender reveal begin in the center of the egg! how sweet?

it's ...

boy! :)

and just for comparison sake - the egg above was lee's that she got a little excited and smashed her egg real good. the bottom on was a delicate egg crusher. 

for the first time in several months, the not-pregnant actually outnumbered the preggers! whoop whoop! :) :)
team baby - cat, alex, kaitlin
team wine - jayme, lauren, lee, kelly

tis the season o' babies and i'm loving it! 

have a wonderful weekend! what are your plans?


Natasha said...

i love that egg idea!!! how cute is that

Courtney said...

So glad it's Friday! Love when you post pictures of your adorable pup. Glad he's doing well!

mQs said...

Looks like you had an enjoyable week! Your puppy is adorable!


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