barks and barbecue

since woodford is 100% healthy and quite the socialite, 
i knew it was time to celebrate with our friends - both human and canine! 
so after convincing john of this necessary fiesta, 
i whipped up these invites for woodfords friends and their parents
to come party at woodfords dog house. 
clearly the party was appropriately titled "barks and barbecue" 
which i'll admit i chuckle every time i think of it. 

i had so much fun planning it and sorting out details.

i made little party favors for each dog...

wrapped in a bandana, i included two treats and a little poop bag.
{what? i wanted to have the party without having to pick up poop the next day. smart, right?}
i think my favorite part about the entire shindig was the paw print ribbon.

i wrapped the forks in the ribbon just to use it more.

and decorated the house in some spring fresh flowers in mint julep cups.
note: if you decide to use mint juleps cups for a flowers,
i'd recommend cutting a little plastic cup for the inside so the water/flowers to protect the cup.

we set up the hammock, some picnic tables, 
and i put a ginormous tin outside with water and ice for the pups.

we bought about 50 hot dogs because i was planning to play
"bobbing for hot dogs" with the dogs
but i'm a dumbdumb and forgot about it during the party.
now we just had a lot of hot dogs.

i added some new toys to the toy basket and let the pups have a field day.

prepping for the party. im so excited to get my garden started for the season! 

i am so so incredibly sad/mad that i didn't get 
more than just this one picture of the entire night.

we had about ten dogs and they all had an absolute blast
which clearly allowed us humans to enjoy our night, and the next day
since they were exhausted and slept for 24 hours!

cookin' with canines {my alternative party name}
was a success and i can't wait for another excuse for a pup party!
do i have to wait for woodford's november birthday?

thoughts on dog parties, please. :)


PS - this incredible giveaway is coming to 
an end so don't forget your entries!  


brittany @ g squared said...

I love this idea! My pups would love it! Thanks for sharing :)

Lindsay said...

This is such an adorable idea! My dog would love a party that's all about her!

Kerr said...

I love your candle holder wine topper thing! And I love any reason to watch the dogs play.

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