case of the mondays

after our weekend of no plans turned into a non-stop couple of days, 
it's safe to say i now have a case of the mondays.
friday night, we celebrated brians (johns brother) birthday 
by going to a new louisville restaurant named game. 
i felt like i was in a foreign country with food choices like kangaroo, venison, and antelope. 
i got a wild hair and ordered the special which was a camel burger!

when brian's only birthday wish was the sas survival handbook,
i immediately began thinking of the differences of boys and girls.
why in the world louisville, kentucky would you ever need to know how
to survive in any climate in any situation?? 
but, what baby wants, baby gets. :) 
needless to say, if i'm ever stranded anywhere, i'd hope brian would be there
to save my life since he'll clearly know how to survive.  

saturday morning was quite lovely. 
my boys (john and woodford) and i walked up to plehn's bakery,
ordered some doughnuts,
claimed a bench outside
and enjoyed the weather, sunshine, and company.

along our walk, i saw this beautiful tree that made me stop and stare.
i was so excited to see a little birds nest nestled up top!
spring in louisville is seriously the best.

my hubby sure does spoil me rotten, don't he? ;)

we planted our day away and i can't wait for the upcoming garden post to share with y'all.
after a full day of gardening, woodford and i relaxed on the hammock.
if i love my human children half as much as this guy,
they're lucky.

i forgot to take pictures, but saturday evening:
curt and cat came over. cat's due date was april 12.
that's right, WAS. she's still pregnant.
but she's a trooper and a heck of a lot pepper/nicer/happier than i would be!
so keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

it's becoming a sunday ritual to tuck my little guy into bed.
even puppies need covers, a back tummy rub, 
a stuffed animal (or favorite kitchen towel) to snuggle,
and some lullabies after a long weekend.

what'd you this weekend?

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Kim said...

Did you like your camel burger at Game? My husband and I went there about a month ago and I have to say I didn't care much for what I got. I think because we ordered a meatball sampler and one of the meats on there (I think it was the antelope) completely turned my stomach so by the time my burger came I was done. Maybe I'll try it again sometime...

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