giveaway time

i am so excited for todays giveaway!  i teamed up with jess from i design that! who designs and creates personalized stationery!

not only is jess an incredible designer, 
she is the reason why i know there are wonderful people in the world. 
jess and i began talking when woodford got sick (here here and here)
and gave me great hope when she shared that her puppy as a child had parvo
and made it to a ripe old age. then she told me to hang in there.
so imagine my surprise when i was already over the moon excited
to receive a package and then, when i opened it... 
she included treats for woodford!!!  
how INCREDIBLY thoughtful and personalized and generous is that??  
that small gesture certainly made my heart a little mushy. and woodford's too.

but! this isn't about woodford! or his treats... 
this is about a TREAT FOR YOU!!!! 
{mine, allll mine!}

since i recently got hitched and got a new name,
i was in need of new stationery with my new initials.
i couldnt be happier with my new designs and the 
glamorous feel of the high quality, detailed, and beautiful stationery 
i can write my new notes on with my new, adult name. 

here are a few of the designs jess sent me to test out the quality so my readers will have nothing but the best. i can assure you, these beautiful pieces are as incredible as they appear. the color is sharp, the paper is thick, and the envelopes are the perfect match. 

AND... jess is SO easy to work with. 
a pure delight and she gave me exactly what i wanted! 
she is able to change anything to fit your needs/wants and 
will work with you until you're happy!

$30 store credit!

and! for all readers, a 10% off coupon! coupon code: ThatKyBlonde10

how to enter...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

good luck! :)

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