it's friday it's friday

in true throwback thursday fashion, i'm a day late.
and not only a day late, but the pic was actually stolen borrowed 
from my sisters instagram! 
my parents knew from a young age that i would be a rock star
and began the solo cup training from birth. 
thanks parents.
im sure brandi glanville is super pumped about being collaged
with muddy paw prints and puppys first tooth.

1. i can't put the book down. seriously. 
her honesty is purely entertaining and i love the hollywood secrets.
2. woodford lost his first tooth!!!  i was such a proud mama.
3. but then i became an angry mama when i had to clean him 
and change my clothes during my lunch break 
when he found his love of playing in mud. 

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i have a lot of siblings, but i love them all. 
in age order - jessie, tori, lauren, alex, jayme, paige, sam. 
and johns siblings - peter and brian. 

that's one heck of a family! 

and last, but certainly not least ...
happy happy birthday to johns little brother, brian!
you are the best 23 year old brother in law i could ever image and
i thank god for you every day. 
i can't wait to celebrate tonight!


Courtney said...

I have been meaning to pick up a copy of Brandi's book, glad you like it. I guess this means I HAVE to buy it now!

A Simple Southern Life said...

I will have to pick up Brandi's book. It looks like the perfect summer read!

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