oh the memories

it's monday and the weekend has flown by and are simply memories now
... until next weekend which is derrrrby! hallelujah! 
want to know how crazy the world is? 
get this -- lee and michael, the two in the middle are sisters. 
lee and i have been best friends since we were born. 
michael and sam have been best friends since they were born. 
when i was 17 years old, sam because my stepsister. 
so the four of us had a gals dinner and it was the best time ever. 
i love these girls so much and love how the world works. 
4 sisters; 4 best friends!

friday night, my hot date and i went to a new restaurant, st charles exchange. the service was out of this world terrible so after i insisted on speaking with the manager, we got a free meal out of it and a free next-time-we-visit-which-will-be-never free meal.

but the old fashioned and the martini's were good.

can you see little tiny woodford in the midst of my dad's dark pants?! the four of us did a little bit of golfing since my dads back yard is a golf course.

how precious. 
but then i was heartbroken because i realized my puppy isn't a puppy anymore.
this is his too big for him hoodie turned into a tank top muscle tee. 

this girl is getting so excited for DERBY week and all the upcoming festivities!

what did you do all weekend?

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I'maNolaGirl said...

Our family went to Jazz Fest and to the Zurich classic here in New Orleans. It was jammed packed with fun events. Sounds like your weekend was as well!

PS - That muscle tee pic is adorable!

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