our own awkward family photos

on easter sunday, 
while we were rejoicing in His resurrection, 
we also found ourselves with underwear on our heads. 
(what? you've never heard that sentence before?)
but when the easter bunny brought my almost-2-year-old nephew 
big boy superhero underwear, 
he had no idea what to do with such a foreign concept.
so my mom did the only reasonable thing to do: 
she put it on her head. 
which started quite the trend and resulted in a family affair 
of big boy underwear on our head. 

with the awkward family photo above, 
it got me thinking of some other pictures that could win us a top spot
on the cringe-worthy website of awkwardfamilyphotos
{my mba graduation dinner. because its normal}

{when in doubt of christmas card ideas, 
throw on some fur coats and call it a day}

{a family new years eve kiss! it's 12 o'clock somewhere!}

its safe to say we're a wild crew and certainly not shy in front of the cameras.

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Katherine said...

Love ALL of these! :)

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