ultimate derby guide: social

if you're new around here, welcome!
if you're not new around here, you probably already know about
louisville's best drinking spots mostly from my single days just from reading.

louisville's night life is pretty great on a regular basis.
but derby time, there are always a million things to do.
for the sake of organization, i've narrowed the best places by location.

St Matthews Area
this is the area i frequent most. there are about five bars in walking distance with young professionals, good bands, late night eating, drink specials, and popular among the locals. 
specific recommendations : 

this is an awesome area, especially around derby time. bardstown road goes on forever... it's the louisville version of the "vegas strip" ...if you will. the people watching is incredible and the pubs you'll find are diamonds in the rough. 
specific recommendations :
o'sheas, molly malones (different than st matts), 

i'll be honest - i only go here basically for bachelorette parties. but if you're in from out of town, you should definitely check it out. it's everything anyone would want if you're aiming for a night you won't remember with friends you'll never forget. 
specific recommendations :  

Derby Special Parties
barnstable brown party - if you're a high roller, this is your place. the doublemint twins host this gala where all the celebs are sure to visit. unfortunately, the $1,250 per person tickets are sold out but it's also known to have numerous party crashers. 

Randoms But Not to be Overlooked!
jim porter's good time emporium - if you're interested in learning more about the louisville cougars, rednecks, true characters, and a guaranteed incredible night, go to jim porters. hint: there may or may not be a woman on a swing. each room is a different theme and amazing.

no matter where you end up going, you will have a great time!
but make sure you don't drink and drive! 


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Lindsay said...

I wish I was going to the derby. Miss that great state of kentucky.

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