why i blog

confession: this is one of my first times to link up but i'd basically do 
anything for my fellow blonde blogger, leslie.
the question: why i blog

my answer: i started blogging in may of 2009 because honestly? i was bored to death at my job working at a bank. a girl i went to college with had a blog and it was the most amusing thing i had ever read, in a hilarious but not meant to be funny type of way. after several months of reading it, i thought, i could do this. i have a lot of things to say and no one really listens anyway so maybe this is my chance?

i started kentuckyblonde as my own personal time-taker-upper until it was time to get off work and then i'd go home and not really think about it until the next work day. i used it mainly for a place to keep design inspiration and a place to document my smart aleck comments and thoughts and use sarcasm without having to hear it in my valley girl voice. 

eventually, the content became more personal, i started getting a couple more visits than just myself and before i knew it, i was telling stories about other bloggers to my friends in real life. this blog became part of my everyday life and a part of who i am. 

this blog has given me:
the opportunity to become friends with incredible, inspirational, 
funny, intelligent, professional women from all walks of life; 
an understanding of why it is important to be different; 
confidence in my writing and putting myself out there;
freedom to say what i want and use the excuse of:
if you don't like it, don't read it.
beautiful photos to adore; 
strong opinions;
a passion for photography that i never knew excited;
memories in a place other than my memory.

this blog has followed me through
grad school, graduation, losing a dog, losing a family member,
heartbreak, lost friendships, finding the love of my life,
bringing a new puppy home, becoming an aunt, quitting a job,
travels, holidays, wedding planning, craft successes, 
craft failures, showers, parties, celebrations, and 
from a single girl to a married old lady.

the most important part of kentuckyblonde blog though
would be the relationships and friendships i've made through the years.
if you're not a part of it - don't judge and don't try to understand.

there are no words for how special the bond is between 
bloggers which is ironic since we're known for our words.

not too long ago, i posted this, about the journey of this blonde in this blog
and the main reason i blog still remains to be true:

i blog because of you.



P!nky said...

Love your reasons for blogging. They sound very similar to mine.

Love your quote too :)!

jessica said...

i absolutely love being able to look back at all my hardships, learning experiences, and adventures. it's truly one of the best things about blogging.

diggin that quote, girl.

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