today wraps up the weekdays of my birthday week and i couldn't be happier!
even though this week was a short one and it even included turning 27,
it's one of the longest weeks i've had in a long time! can i get an aaaamen?!
ever since this day when we wore colton's (clean) underwear on our heads,
he's been sporting the look like it's ever going to be going outta style!

we had an impromptu get together which led to whipping out our favorite cornhole boards in the entire world but let's face it: can you think of ANYTHING cooler than monogrammed boards?

woodford definitely enjoyed memorial day and his very first pool day.
i have a 19 second video of him jumping into the pool that i've literally 
spent 2 hours watching on repeat everyday. 

the beginning of my birthday morning began at the courthouse. glamorous, eh?
remember, i was subpoenaed to go because the lady that caused a three car
wreck doesn't have insurance or a license ...
well, i've lost all faith i had in the justice system.
the judge told me to "not hold my breath" and i wouldn't be seeing any money
because the woman is on social security, doesn't have a job, and lives with her son.
i'm still trying to figure out why any of us work at all
when the people taking the short cuts are the ones "winning"?
shoot, i told myself i wouldn't get into this debate on the blog. my bad. 

i accidentally forgot to mention i went on much needed girls night
to go see spank! the fifty shades parody.
it was absolutely hilarious, completely inappropriate, and the perfect night.
those itty bitty bites up top were the desserts from milkwood
and the ladies are liz, brooke, meredith, jessie, moi. 
apparently our waiter shouldnt quit his day job to become a photographer! #blurrypic
if there's a chance for you to go see this play anywhere, go!

here's to the freakin' weekend!!! ow!
what are your plans??



summer grillin'

summer grillin' had me a blast... 
summer grillin' happened so fast...
{well hello there my inner sandra dee}

with the temperatures flirting with what could be summer weather,
i can't help but get 7-year-old-christmas-morning type of excited
for everything this weather entails -
pools, drinks, sunroof open, long sunny days, and cookouts! 

one of my favorite things in the world is throwing (not literally, but pretty close)
something on the grill, getting caught up in conversation,
only to realize its a difficult task to burn food on the grill to the point of ruining it.

so here are three of my favorite grilling recipes
that are sure to put a smile on your face!

shrimp, watermelon, and halloumi kabobs here
grilled pineapple teriyaki chicken here
grilled zucchini pizza here


what are some of your favorites?


happy birthday to me

it's official. i'm the big 2-7 
and inching my way to the age that starts with thir and ends with t-y.

in celebration of my 26th year of life, i decided to reminisce on my 26 favorite
events from may 28, 2012 until may 28, 2013.

 1. my brother moved to hawaii which was a perfect excuse to throw a party.
2. we spent the week in colleton river and hilton head with my dad, stepmom, nephew, and siblings.
3. john and i visited the coastal living beach house while we were on vacation with his dad.
4. the women on johns side of the family threw a wonderful shower
for our upcoming nuptials in lexington.
5. i fainted when i gave blood.
6. i had a reality check at the 2 month countdown point until we were wed.
7. i realized i had a green thumb. and i liked it.
8. we had a couples shower, and received some freaking awesome 
monogrammed cornhole boards.
9. was honored to be a bridesmaid in  lauren and jeff's wedding. 
10. john and i went to san francisco a few weeks before our wedding.
and john reheated a taco bell burrito with an iron.
11. i fell in love with our rehearsal dinner invitations.
14. we went on the absolute most perfect honeymoon.
15. loved my bridal shower so very much with beautiful flowers.
16. rocked the heck out of our rehearsal dinner at morton's.
17. my heart broke when we put dexter to sleep.
18. realized my nephew and i had the same belly as a kiddo.
19. spent the new year week in west palm beach.
20. became a family of three when we added our puppy woodford in the mix. twice.

21. became a professional at anything related to parvo

22. john and i bought new cars.
23. got rear ended. bad.
24. chugged bottles for money.  good. and celebrated the arrival of oscar chatham.
25. threw a barks and barbecue fiesta. 
26. and finally, taking advantage of living in kentucky in may!

here's to hoping 27 is as wonderful as 26!



current events

sometimes i forget to fill y'all in on the outcomes of previous events. 
but now's a perfect time to start.
remember this wreck? when my brand new {still temporary tags new}
car got rear ended in a three car pile up and the one responsible
had no freaking insurance or license?

well. i got subpoenaed to go to court on tuesday. on my birthday. 
secretly, i like using that word because it makes me sound official
but the reality - its a terrible way to spend my birthday and my time.

i'm willing to bet it will be a complete waste of time and i still won't 
see a single dime of that dumb lady's money. which i deserve. 
i guess that's where karma comes into play. right?

and then this little nugget, alex, had a beautiful baby shower
and i just can't wait to kiss baby sutton's face off in july. 

i wish i could say i'll be spending my pre-birthday weekend
soaking up the sun on a raft somewhere cool but unfortunately they don't.
on the great side, i get to spend some time with my workaholic husband,
go see 50 shades of grey, the play, with three rockin' ladies,
celebrate my 2year old nephews birthday (5 weeks late) 
and his two best friends turning 2 also at camp hi ho,
and enjoy the rare but very appreciated activity of relaxing.

have a wonderful memorial day weekend
and don't forget to celebrate my birthday throughout the weekend!
please, tag #KYBlondeBDay in any exciting things to do and pretend i'm there. :)



i didn't learn anything in school

today's topic on jenni's blog every day in may is: 
Things you've learned that school won't teach you.
i wrote this post a few months ago but i still love it and still agree
with all the points i made so i am going to repost these lessons. enjoy.

life would be pretty darn easy if we listened to and took every piece of advice everyone gives us and avoided any and all curve balls thrown our way. but i know i'm too stubborn to do that. i probably should've believed my mother when she told me i'd get hurt if i walked in front of the hammock my sister was swinging on when i was little. but instead, i ran right in front of said hammock and due to the law of inertia (inertia?? who am i?) i got clocked in the side of the head. but that's part of growing up.

so i've thought about some things i've learned the hard way.

i learned you shouldn't paint your nails right after you drink a whole water bottle.

when people encourage you to quit your job and follow your dreams, they're usually rich, successful, famous, strangers speaking to anyone that will listen. i did this. i got so fed up and unhappy in my previous job, i quit. looking back now, it was a good move because a year and a half later, i'm happy. but during the unemployment period, which was longer than expected, it sucked. when i quit and followed my dreams i forgot that my bills didn't get the same memo, or the gap in my resume isn't the most appealing info to potential employers. i'd recommend having something in the game plan before you throw your two weeks notice in your managers face and stomp outta there like you're walking into a billion dollar inheritance.

the truth is easier to remember when the topic is revisited. 

in the three months john and i have been married, we have been to the hospital (unexpectedly) three times. kidney stones (me), chest pains (him), and herniated discs (him, again.). just because our "honeymoon" phase of our marriage includes hospital gowns instead of victoria's secret gowns doesn't mean we're destined for disaster. it just means we married our other half since we don't have the same medical issues and we each are literally half way healthy. see what i did there?

in regards to us being hospital-prone, we learned the hard way we adopted the perfect puppy for us. woodford was just proving to us that he really did belong to us by needing to spend some time in the hospital and add to our (ginormous) stack of medical bills. that little sucker fits right in.

don't go through your significant others phone. just don't. its not healthy, its not fair, and it doesn't put you in any type of position for a successful relationship. 

wedding planning. i thought i'd love it. i didn't. learned the hard way it's not for everyone. 

you can't change people. no matter how hard ya try, it ain't gonna happen.

when you start your car on a snowy winter morning and there's ice on the windshield, don't attempt to spray windshield wiper fluid on it to speed up the process. it will just freeze even more and you'll have to wait even longer and get even more mad than before and blame the world on hating you, when really it was your own fault.

just because you write with pen in your planner doesn't mean the plans are permanent. 

mind over matter only brings you so far. 

if the milk smells funny, throw it away. 

all that annoying talk from adults about the importance of sunscreen and face lotion... they weren't lying. for the first time in my whole life, i have gone a consecutive 4 days with no make up. its refreshing. 

karma. woof. 

what have you learned the hard way?

*all photos are my own


a few of my favorite things

this post was so much fun to take a walk down memory lane in my past blog posts. 
i keep this blog as a scrapbook, per se, but it's funny how rarely 
i go back in time and reread things from years ago.

so here are a few of my favorite posts...

i loved the pure, raw beauty of this post only in kentucky

of course the big engagement announcement because my heart 
still beats a touch faster when i think of the christmas
morning john got on one knee and i became someones better other half.

i did love this happiest of all valentines post.

every single bit of the decor of this homearama post makes my heart smile.

if this doesn't make you laugh, i don't know what will.

a few of my favorite things. :)
what are your favorites?


mondays thoughts & reactions

why are naked babies the cutest things in the entire world?
colton and jameson don't always have tea parties.
but when they do, colton prefers to go naked. 

why is woodford already 43 pounds?
and why do i attempt to still hold him like he's a puppy? 

why is the entrance to this country club so gorgeous?
why do we think it's a good idea to be the newest members?
because we are!!! :)

why are these the perfect expressions to "we just joined a country club?"
because it's a little bit scary! but ohh so exciting! 

any monday thoughts you'd like for me to react to today?

i need a reaction from you on this thought -- 
what are your reactions on my new blog makeover??




sometimes life teaches you unexpected lessons. 

currently, i'm in the midst of learning how to take the high road.
and let me say, it's tough. 
being an adult in a middle-school-esque environment is exhausting and every day
i'm reminded that ugly people are ugly. 


i never thought i'd be almost 27 years old and dealing with adult children. 


what do you do when people are nasty to you?

quotes from pinterest and here.


blog sale

i thought we would try something new today - blog shoppin! 
with spring cleaning in full swing, i was hoping to give these goodies a new home with a loving owner

the details:
-first come first serve
-all details will be above the picture of the item
-feel free to ask any questions
-to buy: leave a comment or email me {jehosch28 at gmail dot com} with:
item name, your name, your email, and SOLD!
-payment (via paypal) must be received within 48 hours
-once payment is received, your item(s) will be shipped within 3-5 business days
-free shipping! 


Ruth Tan Strapless Dress with Blue Tie; Size 2;  Worn once;  $50

Blue and Orange Paraella Dress from Francescas Small; Worn twice; $20

Moulinette Soeurs Purple Dress; Size 6;  $20 

Milly Mint Honeycomb Dress
Size 4; Worn twice; Small rip - easily fixable; $50 

Left: BCX Pink Dress with Pockets; Size 7; $20
Right: GameDay Girl Wool Houndstooth Dress with Pockets; Size Small; Worn once; $25 

eShakti red dress with belt and pockets; Size: Small/4;  Never worn;  $25 

Left: Theme grey dress with belt; Size Small; Never worn; $30
Right: Fire Square Neck dress with belt; Size 5; Never worn; $30

Jonathan Martin white and brown polka dot dress with belt; Size: 6P; $20

Top: Sweetees Pink Dress; Size XS; Worn once; $20
Bottom: J.Crew green long sleeved shirt; Size XS: $15 SOLD

Trixxi white dress with black belt and pockets; Size: 3; 
never worn; tags attached; $25
J.CREW Jean Jacket; Size: Medium; "J" on tag; $30  sold

Johnny Martin Grey Halter with Black Lace; Size: Small; Never worn; $20

Left: Express white dress with pockets; Size 6; $20 - SOLD
Right: Lovely Day Houndstooth dress with belt and pockets; Size Medium; Worn once; $20 

Left: Kensie polka dot grey dress with sleeves; Size: Medium; $30
Right: Miuse paisley dress from Francesca's; Size: Small;  $20

one: cole haan sandals; size 7; $60
two: stuart weitzman one strap sandals; size 7; $60
three: stuart weitzman strappy sandals; Size 7.5;  $60

paper lanterns
Small 8” diameter eyelet lanterns: $20 for 12
Medium 10” diameter paper lanterns: $20 for 12
Large 12” diameter eyelet lanterns: $30 for 12
$60 for all. whata steal!
All lanterns are in original wrapping and never been used. 

Wedding Bubbles
7 packs of 24;  .06 ounces each; never used and in original boxes
$30 for all 7 packs 

thank you! xo

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