i'm a relationship kinda girl. i can't help it.
i'm just trying to overcompensate for a void in my childhood and being a child of divorce with countless insecurities in an attempt to find happiness in other people.
just kidding about the insecurities. i've accepted those.

anyway, where were we? oh, right. advice. 
my advice: don't take any advice from me.

my advice: don't force a relationship. 
i don't care if he has six pack abs, a billion dollars, housetrained puppies,
a sister who could be your twin, a jeweler best friend, a private jet,
fashion sense, and worships the ground you walk on.
if you have to force it, let it go

my first heartbreak was at the tender age of 16.
then i dated some real questionable characters 
(unless you're one of them and you're reading this, 
then you totally rock and i'm clearly not talking about you.)
maybe they weren't bad guys but they were bad relationships
that lasted much longer than they should've. 
along with being a "relationship girl" i'm also a "fixer"
which together, means disaster... until it means happiness.
i wish i didn't waste my time trying to force relationships
because when john came around,
nothing had to be forced and it just happened.
it was that ah-ha moment that i didn't have to always be in control
and i didn't want to be in control. 
i know it's not rocket science, but that's my advice.
sometimes things just have to fall apart so better things can fall together. 
and may i add -- forcing a relationship is much different than
working for a relationship. because trust me,
john and i work hard for our relationship. 
oh, and wear sunscreen. everyday.



Taylor Norton said...

Jayme, such a great post!! I can totally relate and am so thankful you have found happiness in your hubby.

Lindsay said...

Girl I couldnt agree more. I to am a child of divorce and am still trying to fill that void. I had no idea that you were to! :) You have a beautiful thing now so you are on your way girl xoox

Kristen said...

Love this!!

Sara said...

So cute. And so true.

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