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I officially am old. But getting old is not what I’m most afraid of. 
When thinking what I’m most afraid of, 
my 23 year old self would undoubtedly say “fear of missing out.” 
Also known as FOMO. 
I have 21 more days until I reach the milestone of the big 2-7 
and a whole new idea of what I’m afraid of and a different outlook on life. 
(what?! did i forget to mention its my 

These days, my old person self is afraid of unknown territory 
and the scary thought of failure. 
I’m afraid to branch out and be my own boss and 
take advantage of my 22 years of education. 
I have my Masters of Business Administration and 
I’m allowing my fear of failure to overrule my passion of creativity and taking a chance. 
I always thought, and was always told, I was a businesswoman. 
But these days, I beg to differ.

So here we are, May 7, 2013 and I’m putting it in writing. 
I will not let being afraid of failure to hold me back. 
Even if I do fail, life goes on, right?
bam!! i said it!!

What are you afraid of?


Rebeccah Giltrow said...

You're old at 27?! What does that make me at 31?? *cries*

Katie_B said...

I am 23 and also have FOMO--I live an hour away from my family and have to resist the urge to drive home for every game, event, etc.

Lindsay said...

I love this post. LOVE that we share May for a birthday month.. wait did I do the math right?? HA!

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