beautiful horses (and tattoos)

derby weekend. makes me happy. 
mr. kentuckyblonde. 
(because i can call him that and he can't get mad.)

this is churchill downs in the rawest form.

there's something magical about being on the backside of churchill downs
at 7 o'clock in the morning any day during derby week.

even derby horses get bathed.

horse stables.

changing the horses shoes.

no matter how many horses i see, i'm amazed with their beauty.

the horse shoe truck

travis and alia. are you excited you made it to the blog?


(in other news, 
check out our wedding pictures on our photographers blog here.)

he's sticking his tongue out at you!!!  :P

this is my cousin, travis and his son, hudson.
hudson wears babiators which should be a mandatory accessory for babies.

when there are 4 hosch's in one house, crazy things happen.

we went to dawn at the downs which is basically where you watch
the horses warm up in the morning on the backside of the track
with the owners and trainers and everything else.
it's one of my favorite parts of derby.

the sunday after derby, we spent some great family quality time at my dads.

where he showed off his new derby ink. 
(just kidding, it's a fake sleeve. but it's hilarious anyway)



Flannery said...

The hubby and I are moving to Cincinnati this summer and are so excited to head a couple hours south this time next year for our first Derby!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure I'll be checking back for your tips and recipes. Also, way to sneak in those wedding photos... Loved checking out your photog's blog. :) I may be a newlywed but I still love looking at everyone else's special day. Beautiful! :)

Sara Elizabeth said...

These pictures are amazing!!

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