birthday wishes

my birthday wishes!

my birthday is rapidly approaching and i figured i would make it as easy as possible to guide you in the right direction so i can happily accept i'm 27. 

in no particular order:

1. imac. i'm an avid believer in apple products and feel its about that time to add to my apple family. my macbook air, iphone, ipad, ipod, and ieverythingelse needs its MacDaddy to comfort them. in case you're wondering, you can find it here.

2. chaise lounge. i'm taking full advantage of this time in my life where the guest room is my closet and soaking up the space. but i definitely need this chaise lounge to nap on while i just can't simply decide what to wear. buy it here.

3. moroccan trellis blue grey rug. we need this to pep up our living room. c'mon, pull the trigger and just buy it for me. all you have to do is click here.

4. benjamin moore boothbay gray. bedroom needs a paint job. 'nuff said. here.

5. monogrammed necklace. i'm a newlywed and need to sport my new initials to make sure everyone knows i'm taken. buy it here with the initials "JHW" ... i kept my maiden name or else my initials would've been JEW :)

6. tory burch summer purse. this would look so good with summer. i need it. i really really do. and if you don't want to buy it here, i'd also be interested in a yellow sunshine color of new summer purse. 

please and thank you. happy birthday month to me. may 28th... bittersweet!

what else should i add?


Courtney said...

I love every. single. thing. on your list. They would all make the perfect birthday gifts, and you've made it very easy for husband :)

PS Love the new blog design!

Hillary said...

I love it all! I kept my middle name for the same reason! I love your blog!

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