current events

sometimes i forget to fill y'all in on the outcomes of previous events. 
but now's a perfect time to start.
remember this wreck? when my brand new {still temporary tags new}
car got rear ended in a three car pile up and the one responsible
had no freaking insurance or license?

well. i got subpoenaed to go to court on tuesday. on my birthday. 
secretly, i like using that word because it makes me sound official
but the reality - its a terrible way to spend my birthday and my time.

i'm willing to bet it will be a complete waste of time and i still won't 
see a single dime of that dumb lady's money. which i deserve. 
i guess that's where karma comes into play. right?

and then this little nugget, alex, had a beautiful baby shower
and i just can't wait to kiss baby sutton's face off in july. 

i wish i could say i'll be spending my pre-birthday weekend
soaking up the sun on a raft somewhere cool but unfortunately they don't.
on the great side, i get to spend some time with my workaholic husband,
go see 50 shades of grey, the play, with three rockin' ladies,
celebrate my 2year old nephews birthday (5 weeks late) 
and his two best friends turning 2 also at camp hi ho,
and enjoy the rare but very appreciated activity of relaxing.

have a wonderful memorial day weekend
and don't forget to celebrate my birthday throughout the weekend!
please, tag #KYBlondeBDay in any exciting things to do and pretend i'm there. :)


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