forecast: showers

forecast: showers. 
because i attended a wedding shower AND a baby shower this weekend.
get it? showers? forecast? woof.
meet kellen and cassie. these two love birds will be tying the knot
in a few short weeks and my handsome hotspice will be 
playing groomsman and i can't wait!

this cake was magical, if i say so myself.

i ventured from said wedding shower straight to this lovely baby shower.

i was greeted by these itty bitty swimsuits, shoes, swimming cap, and dresses.
i dare you to find anything cuter than these clothes, especially this chevron number. 

call me materialistic if you'd like, but i love gifts. 
not as much as if they were all for me, but i love them.  
we were asked to bring a book in lieu of a card to help build caroline's library and 
based on all of the literature she received, she's bound to be a genius. 
which bodes well for her because she is already getting the hott stuff gene from her mama!

case in point: 
her mama, juuuulie is on the left. with my sister, jessie, on the right.
that's a lotta tummy there, if i say so myself.

and here i am with the pretty preggers. 

i am so excited for all the upcoming changes for our friends and family and can't wait to celebrate the newlyweds and kiss little caroline's sweet face off!! 

was your weekend forecast full of showers too?  ;)

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