happy birthday to me

it's official. i'm the big 2-7 
and inching my way to the age that starts with thir and ends with t-y.

in celebration of my 26th year of life, i decided to reminisce on my 26 favorite
events from may 28, 2012 until may 28, 2013.

 1. my brother moved to hawaii which was a perfect excuse to throw a party.
2. we spent the week in colleton river and hilton head with my dad, stepmom, nephew, and siblings.
3. john and i visited the coastal living beach house while we were on vacation with his dad.
4. the women on johns side of the family threw a wonderful shower
for our upcoming nuptials in lexington.
5. i fainted when i gave blood.
6. i had a reality check at the 2 month countdown point until we were wed.
7. i realized i had a green thumb. and i liked it.
8. we had a couples shower, and received some freaking awesome 
monogrammed cornhole boards.
9. was honored to be a bridesmaid in  lauren and jeff's wedding. 
10. john and i went to san francisco a few weeks before our wedding.
and john reheated a taco bell burrito with an iron.
11. i fell in love with our rehearsal dinner invitations.
14. we went on the absolute most perfect honeymoon.
15. loved my bridal shower so very much with beautiful flowers.
16. rocked the heck out of our rehearsal dinner at morton's.
17. my heart broke when we put dexter to sleep.
18. realized my nephew and i had the same belly as a kiddo.
19. spent the new year week in west palm beach.
20. became a family of three when we added our puppy woodford in the mix. twice.

21. became a professional at anything related to parvo

22. john and i bought new cars.
23. got rear ended. bad.
24. chugged bottles for money.  good. and celebrated the arrival of oscar chatham.
25. threw a barks and barbecue fiesta. 
26. and finally, taking advantage of living in kentucky in may!

here's to hoping 27 is as wonderful as 26!



Courtney said...

Happy Birthday, pretty lady! May 27 be as wonderful & blessed as 26.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday!

Brooke said...

Happy birthday!!!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

I'm new in the Blogger world, but I saw your post and wanted to say Happy Birthday, girl! It sounds like you had an awesome 26 so here are wishes that 27 will be even better. XO

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