i didn't learn anything in school

today's topic on jenni's blog every day in may is: 
Things you've learned that school won't teach you.
i wrote this post a few months ago but i still love it and still agree
with all the points i made so i am going to repost these lessons. enjoy.

life would be pretty darn easy if we listened to and took every piece of advice everyone gives us and avoided any and all curve balls thrown our way. but i know i'm too stubborn to do that. i probably should've believed my mother when she told me i'd get hurt if i walked in front of the hammock my sister was swinging on when i was little. but instead, i ran right in front of said hammock and due to the law of inertia (inertia?? who am i?) i got clocked in the side of the head. but that's part of growing up.

so i've thought about some things i've learned the hard way.

i learned you shouldn't paint your nails right after you drink a whole water bottle.

when people encourage you to quit your job and follow your dreams, they're usually rich, successful, famous, strangers speaking to anyone that will listen. i did this. i got so fed up and unhappy in my previous job, i quit. looking back now, it was a good move because a year and a half later, i'm happy. but during the unemployment period, which was longer than expected, it sucked. when i quit and followed my dreams i forgot that my bills didn't get the same memo, or the gap in my resume isn't the most appealing info to potential employers. i'd recommend having something in the game plan before you throw your two weeks notice in your managers face and stomp outta there like you're walking into a billion dollar inheritance.

the truth is easier to remember when the topic is revisited. 

in the three months john and i have been married, we have been to the hospital (unexpectedly) three times. kidney stones (me), chest pains (him), and herniated discs (him, again.). just because our "honeymoon" phase of our marriage includes hospital gowns instead of victoria's secret gowns doesn't mean we're destined for disaster. it just means we married our other half since we don't have the same medical issues and we each are literally half way healthy. see what i did there?

in regards to us being hospital-prone, we learned the hard way we adopted the perfect puppy for us. woodford was just proving to us that he really did belong to us by needing to spend some time in the hospital and add to our (ginormous) stack of medical bills. that little sucker fits right in.

don't go through your significant others phone. just don't. its not healthy, its not fair, and it doesn't put you in any type of position for a successful relationship. 

wedding planning. i thought i'd love it. i didn't. learned the hard way it's not for everyone. 

you can't change people. no matter how hard ya try, it ain't gonna happen.

when you start your car on a snowy winter morning and there's ice on the windshield, don't attempt to spray windshield wiper fluid on it to speed up the process. it will just freeze even more and you'll have to wait even longer and get even more mad than before and blame the world on hating you, when really it was your own fault.

just because you write with pen in your planner doesn't mean the plans are permanent. 

mind over matter only brings you so far. 

if the milk smells funny, throw it away. 

all that annoying talk from adults about the importance of sunscreen and face lotion... they weren't lying. for the first time in my whole life, i have gone a consecutive 4 days with no make up. its refreshing. 

karma. woof. 

what have you learned the hard way?

*all photos are my own


Katherine said...

Love. It.

Aleshea said...

I love the bit about following your dreams. I actually had a convo with one of my bestfriends the other day about this. She had saw something on TV and I had to kindly remind her that, that man was already rich and famous.

Ashley said...

The windshield wiper thing. YES. I can't even tell you how many times I've been in a hurry and used the wiper fluid. And it backfires every. single. time.

Jessie said...

I laughed out loud at the windshield wiper comment--no matter how many times it has not resolved my issue I keep trying it---IDIOT!!!! Love you sis and am so proud of you-you crack me up, oh and sorry for hitting you in the hammock :)

Ashley said...

I loved reading this post!! I laughed at the windshield wiper comment, I do it all the time and you would think I would know better lol especially living in Canada..

Sincerely Miss Ash

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